Game freezing after patch (Unplayable)


Game mode: [ Online Official ]
Type of issue: [ Crash ]
Server type: [ PvP 4505 ]
Region: [ LATAM ]
Hardware: [ Ps4 Slim 2TB ]

As many people have reported, after the last patch, the game became unplayable for approximately 90% of people from different regions and different consoles. The game is freezing completely even on the character creation screen, for a time of up to 2s with an interval of 5s between each crash, which lasts in a sequence of approximately 5min alternating with periods of up to 10~15min without freezing. As you may have noticed, this is not a connection issue or hardware processing inability as it is also occurring on the PS5. I hope they can fix it as soon as possible, because it’s not possible to play like this, even if we wanted to, most people I know stopped playing because of it, including me.


The exact same thing happens to me in all the servers of America. I’m from Mexico (PS5) and the LATAM server is doing a little better for me
they going to fix it soon?

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