Game broken on PS4. new patch responsible?

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Region: [uk]
i have uninstalled and reinstalled the entire game to try and fix this. for the last week the game has been freezing totally requiring me to use the PS button to shut the game down and then restart it. the textures and details cycle in and out down to a flat featureless rendered state and often stay that way, the sound effects are delayed if they happen at all, large portions of the landscape are completley missing ingame. the charector picture in the inventory, map etc screen is stretched to the pont where bottom of legs and top of head are missing and if i try to use admin rights and go to the admin panel the game will freeze totally requiring the above shutdown restart procedure. HELP! is this the fault of the latest patch?? dec 5th? as i said i have totally uninstalled and reinstalled the game. its a large size game on PS hardrive to be not working or playable, i cant buy DLC for a game that runs like this! on a console too!!!

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Hello @saraccxxii, unfortunately there are a few issues that have been introduced with the latest update, and they are currently being tackled by the developers.

A patch to address the more prominent ones will be released soon, we apologize for the situation.

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