Freezing/Invisible Players/NPCs/Monsters

Game mode: Online PvE
Problem: Bug | Performance
Region: America

System: PS4 Pro

  1. Monsters, large in particular (elephants/rhinos) tend to stop their combat animation. Elephants will appear to be standing in place but you’ll be hit by them, the “invisible” mobs. In about 10-30 seconds their animation will resume but then it will freeze in place with its idle animation and attack you invisibly.

  2. Slow to load. I play with a clan member who has a regular PS4 and more often than not he’ll see me or mobs 10-20 seconds before they appear on my screen. All the while the mobs that I cannot see are either attacking me or are killed by my clan member before I can even see them.

  3. Related to number 2, when running towards my base it sometimes is not fully visible and the thralls are invisible for 10-30 seconds, I assume that my system is trying to load all of the content and cannot keep up but if there is a way to remedy this on the game side of things it would be appreciated.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
Invisible/Freezing Monsters:

  1. Fight an elephant on a PS4 Pro (not sure it happens on regular), it will at some point appear to just stand still.

PS4 vs PS4 Pro:

  1. Not sure how to reproduce this one unless you play on the regular and pro side by side.

Slow loading base:

  1. Be away from you base for a few minutes, then run back to it: thralls are often invisible for a few seconds, sometimes the walls are invisible, and at night the lights are not all lit up for a few seconds.

If anyone has suggestions on how to fix this on the console side please share. I’ve tried setting the Pro to Boost and tried setting the resolution to 1080p (instead of automatic) with no affect.

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Hi, another person last week said he had to use settings for a older TV when visiting someone, and that the game played better, sorry i dont remember what the settings were called, i’ll see if i can find that post :slight_smile:

I’ve been having the same issue for about a month now. I have tried changing my display settings on the console and reinstalling the game. My clan can see hordes of NPC’s or Giant creatures before I can especially if they are attacking. Any suggestions to remedy the problem. I haven’t read any responses from the creators in regards to this issue.

This was too obvious for me to report since I expect fcom to test their stuff and actually give a sh❤t about their customers.
But suffering by this awful quality since a good while now so thanks for posting. Don’t expect anything anymore though