Frequent crashes on Switch - unacceptable

The game crashes quite often on Switch, throwing you to the console main menu, leaving you having to restart progress, this is unacceptable for a game you charged me 45 euros for.

I play heavier games without issues and I see that more people have the same issue.

Additionally, graphics can be greatly improved, considering what other companies have achieved with the same hardware.

Also, the menus are blurry and fonts have to be increased/corrected.

What are the plans to fix the crashes? Are you working on a patch or else how can I get a refund? My next step would be raising a case with European customer protection.


Hello @Dimitris_s, welcome to the forums!

You can rest assured that the developers are looking into all reported issues for the Switch, including the blurry graphics and performance. A patch will be made available as soon as possible, thank you for understanding.

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Thank you for the fast response, good to know that you are working on it.

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Hello again,

What is the ETA for any sort of patch that fixes the crashes?

The OP said it, the Switch port is really troubled. Don’t know what went wrong with it, but it shouldn’t be sold as is. The trailer on the Nintendo eStore also leaves a bad taste, with the graphical fidelity shown in it not being close to representative of the product sold.

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I’d be wary of expecting anything to improve soon, still waiting on patches for crashes on the XB1X that have been known about for 8 months.

Also experiencing constant crashes on Switch. Have almost always happened during combat, specifically on “The High Road” encounter with the Shaman at the top of the ladders.
Typically it crashes during combat, usually during my turn, and the beginning of the enemy turn.
Also when controlling Selma during combat, it seems more likely to crash if I go through her combat options quickly without giving each a couple seconds to load (literally just quickly pressing right on the D-Pad).
I tried starting a new game from scratch but go to the same point in the game and still experiencing the same crashes.
Crash is the standard “Software was closed because an error occurred.” black screen on Switch.
I also used the Switch system tools to check for corrupt data (no issues found), then re-downloaded and updated the game to be safe, but no dice.
Any ETA on a fix?

Hey there @m_3, no precise ETA on the Switch patch but it should come soon!

My crashes are happening in the exact same location as m_3, but the only consistent thing I’ve found in the crashes has been when I select Dux’s grenade option, and it seems specifically when I have a smoke grenade. This instance has happened three times, but other crashes have happened in that area during an enemy turn or during other actions. There’s a huge lag in gameplay every time I select ANY characters grenade option, so that function seems like it might be having issues in general.

Honestly the graphical downgrade is not even a huge deal personally, but the performance issues and crashing are really ruining it for me. Just gonna put off playing til a fix is out. Was really excited to see this come to switch

Crash when attempting to start battle in Iron Serpent. Crash when attempting to use Dux grenades. Crash in fog of war using silent weapons. Multiple crashes on the Izza and Falla area, everytime I try to start an ambush. Crash when attempting to load from autosave in Iron Serpent area. I still attempt to play the game often, but get frustrated when it crashes so persistently. I love the game, but am over the bugs.