Fresh meat in composter disappears?

I butchered a nearby Darfari tribe and placed the meat in a couple of composters to putrify. I thought i might be able to add all the components with the fresh meat and compost would be made as the meat putrified. i went back a while later to see how it was doing and all the meat was gone.

Is that supposed to happen?

First the meat would rot turning to putrid meat. Then the putrid meat would decay and disappear.

To make compost, use putrid meat, plant fiber, and bonemeal.

When you select am item, you may see a timer. That is how long until the item expires.

Food and meats generally become putrid meat.

Putrid meat and a few other selected items just disappear when their timer expires.

i understand the putrification process. I was trying to eliminate a step. Why let it rot in another container to be transferred later if i can just dump it into a composter to rot there? I assumed the putrid meat would remain there as it does in all other containers or craft stations.

The meat disappeared before I added the other components. I was placing the fresh meat into the composter so I could just toss the rest of the stuff in later while the meat was decaying or after it decayed. It doesn’t seem to work that way though.

It disappeared because human flesh wont spoil into rotten meat - it will disappear instead. Eighter the devs forgot to include rotting of human flesh or it’s intended…

Hmm? i never noticed that. I’ll try some other meat and see how that goes. Thanks.

Nice. Just tossed some feral meat into the composter. It rots, and rots much faster now too.

What about cooked human meat?

I never tried. I would guess the same will happen.

Yes, meats rot much faster in there. But be careful not to put too much putrid meat in. It’s timer is also much faster in there. Cooked unsavory shellfish has a 2hr timer in a chest. Has 5 minutes in the heap. Forget putrid meat timer in chest, think it’s 2hrs+. Only <20m in heap. I usually keep a chest to the side to drop spare stacks in and only keep what I need in the heap as I drop in more bonemeal and plant fiber or shellfish to rot.

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