Food Placed in a Campfire is Occasionally Instantaneously Turning into Putrid Meat

Game mode Online private (or maybe Funcom sanctioned)?
Type of issue Bug
Server type PvP
Region North America
Version 204197/24057

At first I thought this was a bug that only occurred on other players’ camp fires. It is also occurring on campfires owned by the player.

Placing a stack or two of uncooked meat on the campfire and pressing Start / Play caused all of the meat to instantaneously turn into Putrid Meat, instead of cooking it.

Attempting to cook meat on the same campfire a second time has been successful.

This is a Mod-Free server named Combat_TestLive_US1_PvP

Steps to Reproduce:

  • After some time has elapsed, approach the campfire and place meat upon it
  • Feral Flesh and Savory Flesh were used in my last effort
  • Drop your stack into the Campfire and press the Start / Play button
  • If the Campfire is glitched, you will lose your stack
  • If it is not glitched, it should cook properly - obviously
  • Should it have been glitched; allow the fuel to burn out and re-apply both food and fuel

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