Fresh start, Server wipe and lore wipe 2/8/19 RP/PvP

RotS is one of the few original servers that still stands. Over the years so many amazing people have joined us and added to the custom tale that was being told, but it is time to close that chapter and begin a new.

To obtain this a new person will be taking the lead for fresh ideas to craft a fun, immersive world for all to join and enjoy with the relaunch of the server Ruins of the Storm Unchained!

Why the re brand? Because we want to embrace the idea of breaking the chains of the normal mind set that players need massive rules and hand holding from admins and more about the

freedom for the player to control everything in the world. A place where a player can do whatever they want and then face decision and choices of the actions they choose. This is a high role play

server with PvP and we follow cannon of Howard’s and the games lore. We will welcome conflict because conflict along with good story promotes great role play.

With the freedom to play your lore based character how you wish to, player run economy, role play currency to purchase custom armor, weapons and placeables crafted by our team of modders

this will offer everyone the most custom immersive game play out there!

To join in or get more info visit our Discord and an admin would be glad to explain the concept and ideas more.