Ruins of the Storm: Resurrection RP PVP

Ruins of the storm is a long-standing RP server, with new and old players alike, active storylines, and new ones waiting for you to find them. We have an active admin team always adding new content regularly to the map to keep things interesting, this includes item quests, new mount quests, as well as an overarching storyline for players to take part in besides their own adventures. Every week you may find something new, or perhaps something old? Our team also includes active modders who create custom mods designed for the server and adapt based on community feedback/activities. This includes custom items, map locations, and other features within the scope of our team time and abilities. We include a class system that we designed and a custom map that’s always changing depending on what you as a player do. Epic stories deserve epic outcomes after all.

Take the story into your own hands and mold it into an epic adventure befitting a king. Make the ruins that remain from stories of old your home and build your legacy atop them. We leave your fate in your own hands.

“The time of King Conan is at an end, gone are his days. The wise have read the stars and the signs of their gods and foretell of a second cataclysm for already doom has come among many as the Age of Hyboria draws to a close. Famine and quakes plague the world of men and even the gods themselves have grown silent to the pleas of their followers. A great migration has begun as stories tell of a land far to the East that is untouched by the troubles of men. A land of mystery, intrigue, and fortune, so the legends say. But there is a foul voice in the wind. Something stirs in the dark beyond the sands. Something reaches outward to the desperate realm of men beckoning them hence, beyond the ghost wall. What lies there for you? Will death come swiftly for you? Perhaps you can survive what is left in the Ruins of the Storm.”

Ruins of The Storm: Resurrection


Age Restrictions: 18+

Location of Server: North America

Max capacity of server: 40

Password protected server

No application process, only character evaluation prior to joining.

Server Settings

XP rate: x2 (Optional Quest to level to 30 in starting area)

Gathering Rate: x2

Day/Night Ratio: 50/40

Hunger/Thirst settings: .1

Drop Equipment on Death: NO

God Avatars Enabled: No

Containers Ignore Ownership: Yes

Purge: Off -for now-

Server Features

  • Does the Server use Mods?
    • Yes a combination of custom-built mods by the team and in collaboration with well-known modders in the Conan community.
  • The map of this server is overhauled creating an entirely new experience in the Conan Exiles story. Custom lore is written by a team of professional and semi-professional writers with items added in-game to reflect the canon.
  • Peak Play Times: (This is understood to be approximate and subject to fluctuation) nights 7 pm - 3 am EST. (Note: Some of our player-base is located in Europe and Australia)
  • Active admin crew plus dedicated modding team.
  • We are currently working on a custom class mod, heavy changes are on the horizon for it as of the moment but more information can be requested by DM or in our Discord Server.
  • Our server also hosts a team with tons of experience with Mushi scripting so your starting questline will guide you into the lore and continue to keep things interesting along your journey.
  • Upon charge creation, you will be asked how you arrived since the timeline of the server is so far in the future. Your choice will determine how you experience the game from the beginning!
  • We have also created our own cinematic trailer to match the rich lore our server has to offer!
  • This server will also be the base of Darmok’s new mod Settlements and Kingdoms. This will be developed over the lifetime of the server and implemented on our test server when things are ready for players to test.
  • Our server is hosted in Dallas, Tx on a dedicated physical machine giving us optimal performance for the server.
  • Our team consists of IT professionals, professional artists, and developers making our team very well rounded and professional.

Join the Discord to get a feel for the community!
Please send a Request to me and I will forward a Discord join link!

Hey, can I get an invite to the discord?
(i tried to contact you privately, but I can’t work out how to do it haha)