Ruins of the storm. RP WIPE 6/14! Modded

It is an age undreamed of in the Age of the Exile!

By the accursed power of Thoth-Amon, the people of these lands find themselves trapped before the cursewall and without hope of leaving. The lives of the banished were altered irrevocably when they found themselves here, affixed with the bracelet that binds them to these lands. Without answers, without belongings, and without a place to call home, the new arrivals find themselves alone here - and as night closes in, the baying and growling starts. There is strength in numbers, and anyone caught out alone faces the possibility of an anonymous death. Some of the more seasoned exiles have created havens for those of similar ilk, and territory lines have been drawn. Finding your people is merely the start of the battle. What is it that truly binds you here, and why? What can be done to free you? What terrors stalk you as you seek out your freedom? Build up civilization or eek out a living in the wilderness, join your people or exist on your own. Blood hits the sand and stains the snow all the same here in the Exiled Lands.

The Ruins of the Storm is a server created by and for fans of the universe of Robert E. Howard. A server that is home to a close-knit family of friends and fellow roleplayers who are each bound together by love of the Hyborian Age’s historical fiction and have lovingly woven the lore of Conan Exiles into the Conan Universe as a whole. No dwarves, elves, orcs or super saiyans can be found here, only a hard life in the Hyborian Age, imprisoned within the land of the exiles. A land cursed by the gods of mortal men and forgotten by the same. The server has much to offer that sets it well above and beyond other roleplaying servers of a similar design. A dedicated team of modders continually create new and immersive content such as custom and unique armor, weapons and placeables. Quest giver NPC’s that offer experience and currency rewards to those willing to do some work.

The Ruins of the Storm offers player versus environment and orderly player versus player combat immersed in roleplay in a harsh environment of exiles and criminals.

Name of Server: Ruins of The Storm Unchained
Age Restrictions: 18+
Location of Server: NA
Max capacity of server: 40
Discord Server:
Is the server pass worded or open? Open
Server Settings
XP rate: x3 (plenty of custom quests to help gain more)
Gathering Rate: x1.5 (plenty of custom quests to help gain more)
Day/Night Ratio: 50/40
Hunger/Thirst settings: .1
Drop Equipment on Death: Yes
God Avatars Enabled: No
Containers Ignore Ownership: Yes
Purge: On

Peak Play Times: (This is understood to be approximate and subject to fluctuation) nights 7-3est
Does the Server use Mods? Yes
If yes, Mods List:
Chat bubbles
RP Aesthetics
Savage Steel
Ruins Unchained
(a couple of additional qol mods TBD)
Is there an application to join the server? No
Server Lore: Emphasis on Robert E. Howards’ lore along with Funcom’s

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A fantastic server that has been around for around two years with a dedicated staff of admins to manage the server along with a group of modders who are constantly adding new content to the server. Character and server lore can have tangible impact on the server as the game map can be altered via the mod. Worth checking out as the server continues to thrive post-launch and group of players invested into the community.

Fresh wipe is taking place Friday (6/14) at 5pm CST (3pm PST/6pm EST)

Best Conan Exiles experience I have had after visiting multiple servers. The community is fun and there are lots of people who can help new players enjoy the game to the fullest.