Ruins Unchained RP PvP PC server

It is an age undreamed of, the Age of the Exile!

From the storm that was once your characters life, you have awoken to find the remains of it in ruins. Cast off and cursed to live out the remainder of your days in the lands of the Exile, your thoughts linger on what fate awaits you. Will you simply let the withering sands of these ancient and foreboding lands devour you? Or do you have what it takes to rebuild the ruins of your life and become something more? Behind you lie the Ruins of the Storm, before you awaits your destiny!

The Ruins of the Storm is a server created by and for fans of the universe of Robert E. Howard. A server that is home to a close-knit family of friends and fellow roleplayers who are each bound together by love of the Hyborian Age’s historical fiction and have lovingly woven the lore of Conan Exiles into the Conan Universe as a whole. No dwarves, elves, orcs or super saiyans can be found here, only a hard life in the Hyborian Age, imprisoned within the land of the exiles. A land cursed by the gods of mortal men and forgotten by the same. The server has much to offer that sets it well above and beyond other roleplaying servers of a similar design. A dedicated team of modders continually create new and immersive content such as custom and unique armor, weapons and placeables. Quest giver NPC’s that offer experience and currency rewards to those willing to do some work. A well designed and thriving roleplaying hub offer vendor NPC’s that can be customized and used to sell the wares and resources of the player who owns them; creating a living and breathing, player driven economy. The Administration Team is excellent and lets roleplay occur and be resolved between players, keeping a “Hands off” approach and instead, focusing on hosting numerous events, and preserving the quality of life on the server.

The Ruins of the Storm offers player versus environment and orderly player versus player combat immersed in roleplay in a harsh environment of exiles and criminals.

Ancient powers have begun to awaken in this strange land for good or ill. Do you have what it takes to survive? Will you carve from the wasteland an existance and a name for yourself; or will you be forgotten among the refuse of the Hyborian Age? Welcome to the Age of the Exile and the Ruins of the Storm!

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