Friends in co-op game crash when exploring the map in select areas

Game mode: [Co-op]
Type of issue: [Crash]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [In Canada]
Mods?: [Yes]
Edition: [Steam]

Bug Description:

Game crashes for friends who join my game when we’re in select few areas. Map
Areas - J6/J7 for Friend A, J4/K4 and K5 for Friend B. Friend A with the J6/J7 crash gets the fatal error,
LoadPackageAsync failed to begin to load a package

Expected Behavior:

Expected to simply pass by the area on to the jungle biome

Installed Mods:

Chest Storage Size+
Better Thralls v1.9.14
Shadows of Skelos Vol. 2
Shadows of Skelos - Extended
Fashionist v4.2.2
Pythagoras Support Beams
Hosav’s Pets Extended
Immersive Armor (vers. 5.5.4)
Improved Quality of Life 3.4.3
Barbarian Barber [vers. 3.5.2]
Hosav’s Custom UI Mod -2.2.1
Less Building Placement Restriction
Glass Constructions and more…

Steps to Reproduce:

*Walk with friends in specified map areas in Co-op game heading from the desert biome to the jungle biome. *

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