From Howard to Herbert

Anybody who has read the Dune series written by Frank Herbert will recognize this weapon pair.

Made from a tooth of Shai Hulud on the planet Arrakis (The world called “Dune”).
The primary weapon of the Fremen people.
Nice easter egg.


It could be an Easter egg and a Dune reference, but I’m not entirely convinced. Herbert didn’t invent kris, he just gave it a unique spelling in his writing.

There’s nothing in the item description that makes me think of Dune, specifically. True, the description does say the “constellations hidden within the weapon’s adornment are not of this world”, but I when I admin spawned-these and looked at them closely, I couldn’t find any adornments that made me think of Arrakis. The handle shape does not resemble any depiction of sandworm that I’ve ever seen, either:

But who knows, maybe the reference is too subtle for a nitpicker like me :wink:


I cannot disagree with your observation.
In my own ignorance, I was unaware of such a weapon in reality called by that specific name (Kris) until a few moments ago.
But its coincidental name, appearance and description led me to my conclusion.
I am drawing only upon my own memory from the books and drawing my own conclusion based upon the outward appearance of the blade itself which appears to me to be made from something resembling ivory instead of metal. (of which fit the images conjured up in my mind during the times I read the books). Also, of course, the reference to its origins being “otherworldly”.

Addendum: Book description
Slowly, Mapes reached into the neck of her dress, brought out a dark sheath. A black handle with deep finger ridges protruded from it. She took sheath in one hand and handle in the other, withdrew a milk-white blade, held it up. The blade seemed to shine and glitter with a light of its own. It was double-edged like a kindjal and the blade was perhaps twenty centimeters long.
Related Image:
(Possibly Ottoman origin and more relative to the landscape and lore of the book).
Crysknife Style

Of course, this does not resemble the movie prop version or the apparent appearance of the one in your screen capture.

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That’s definitely a Dune style Kris
Very dissimilar from the type of Dagger/Shortsword in our world called a Kris (or Keris).
So either it’s a definitive nod… or the person who designed/named the weapon was as coherent as they were when the Bec de Corbin was made for the game.


I looked up several licensed versions of the Crysknife and disappointingly, found every last one of them lacking one critical detail. That of the handle which the novel description mentioned deep finger ridges in its grip.
This is the vision that comes to mind when reading of it.
This is the first time I’ve ever reconstructed it using the Blender modeling program.

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Thank you for the Bec de Corbin tidbit, made me actually laugh :smiley:

As for the Voidforge Kris, you’re probably right on both counts: most likely it’s both a nod to Dune and the designers were as diligent as they were with Bec de Corbin :laughing:


License schmicense.
Just compare the blade to the blade from the Lynch movie.
Adding the very typical for eastern Mediterranean handle is a simple nod to the inspirational peoples for the Firemen.

If it were too close to the Book’s description, everyone would have rioted because it would be proof that this game is just a test bed for later Dune content.

That’s so accurate that it’s depressing… :disappointed:


Eldarium itself is otherworldly, but it isn’t a reference to Dune, it is because this game is steeped in Lovecraft.

You say that as though Funcom would actually care what people thought of them. I think many of their recent decisions disprove that.

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Eldarium? I strongly suspect it is an element from the realm of the “Outer Void” which is typical Lovecraft. The same point of origin for black ice if I understood it correctly.
They wouldn’t dare use the same material used in that other game that focuses on a named planet. I guess we could almost call that blasphemy.

To be entirely fair, the weapon in question was added with Isle of Siptah. Which went thru numerous tinkering based on player feedback.
Applying what is true today to what happened in yesteryear is a bit off.

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