The new Quake mace

What is special about it? And wierdly it is referenced as a hammer in the description whereas it is a mace!

The Bane of Khosatral Khel is described as a knife (as it was in the Devil in Iron) even though it’s a one-handed sword. It isn’t even vaguely knife-shaped so you can’t explain it away with a “This is a knife!”

You’re wrong, it is described as a blade or half-blade. Where did you see it described as a knife?

Actually yes we can. Always. And if there is some subtility, it’s definitly not here.
You can define a half-blade or a blade as a sword or a knife, but you can’t define a sword as a knife.

I misremembered the in-game description, but in the Devil in Iron (where the in-game quote comes from, too) it is alternately called a dagger and a knife:

“On his bare, muscular breast lay a curious dagger with a jeweled pommel, shagreen-bound hilt, and a broad crescent blade. It was much like the knife the fisherman wore at his hip, but it lacked the serrated edge, and was made with infinitely greater skill.”

This is how Howard describes the weapon in the first chapter of the novella. Yes, in that last confrontation he calls it a “great half-blade”. Frankly, I don’t know what a “half-blade” means in bladed weapons, and Google image search keeps showing me pictures of sunglasses. But throughout the novella, “knife” is the word Howard uses the most often.

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Then it would be more of the game’s devs who did a mistake to code it as a sword then ^^

It is the author making up terms really. Just for general knowledge, might interest you.

I understood half-blade as a broken long sword.

Thanks, I know what half-swording is. It has nothing to do with a weapon called half-blade. And in any case, even the blade’s in-game description mentions a crescent blade, even though the blade is straight on the in-game model.

But anyway, just like the Quake, the weapon’s description and what the weapon looks like don’t match.


I didn’t know, found that while googling around. Yeah that’s what i realized too. Is there a weapon called half-blade in the first place?
Maybe i should have posted that in the bug section.

We’re in a mess :slight_smile:

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