Full crash on inventory opening

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Crash
Server type: PvE
Region: Central Europe

Steps to reproduce:

  1. start game
  2. open inventory

Actual results:

  1. game starts
  2. game crashes: It just crashes my PC and I need to press the start button on the PC to boot up. No additional information available, no logs, no crash dump, nothing. One of the hardest crashes I have seen so far.

Expected results:

  1. game starts
  2. inventory opens without any issues

Things I have checked/done so far:

  • Reinstalling the game
  • uninstalling all mods
  • verifying the game cache integrity
  • monitoring my GPU temperature (max 58°)
  • monitoring my CPU temperature (max 62°)
  • all drivers are up to date
  • steam is up to date
  • game is up to date

Client specs:

  • AMD Ryzen 2800x @ 4GHz
  • 32 GB Ram (4x G.Skill Trident Z / DDR 4-3200)
  • Motherboard: ASUS ROG Crosshair VII Hero (with latest BIOS)
  • GPU: ASUS GeForce RTX 2080 Ti ROG STRIX O11G (11GB, High End)

Game is installed on my m.2 SSD

Windows 10 64 bit professional, nothing is overclocked.

Additional info:

  • After the crash happened, I booted up again, started up the game and joined the server, it will crash again immediately, without fully joining the server (or it might just joined the server and then crashes, hard to say)
  • There is a chance of “warming up” the game (as recommended in another thread) before opening the inventory which will NOT result in a crash (but only sometimes)
  • Crash happens around 1/5 times when I open the inventory. Problem is that once it started crashing, it seems hard to recover from it, making the experience a very bad one, because I keep rebooting my machine every 2min, for a few times, just to get the game working again.
  • it might be related to the sort order applied in the inventory. I just realized that after a crash it changes back to “individual” order when it was in “named” order before.

In case there is any possibilty to run in debug mode or log the events, I’m happy to do so. Couldn’t find anything online.

short suggestions that were suggested on this problem (I guess no clear result):

  • change to low end laptop mode and see what happens (just for testing)
  • disable all “gaming features” of win10 (see similar threads for that)

Not certain, but this could be an indications of a dying/overworked PSU, or another hardware piece malfunctioning seriously.

will try the suggestions. Regarding the PSU, might be the case, but would be wondering a bit due to the fact it being a 850W PSU, which should fit for the setup I have.

Per numbers the PSU sounds strong enough, but it would be failing due to hardware error (again, just a guess)…
As per numbers on GPU and CPU: are those numbers from some app that would live record your computer performance or some windows or GPU software that would give you some average and min/max stats?

While you provided many information on your problem and attempts of solving it. You mentioned

Does this happen without mods, or did you include mods after reinstalling and so forth.
Did you try playing in single player or on official server?

Here we go:

Laptop mode is the only mode that works. If I change anything in the graphics settings, it will crash the game.

I play without any mods now, still having the problems.
I have a nitrado server I play on, it’s my private one, no one else is on it.

A fresh patch happened.
Among other things:

I would suggest you try to play on higher settings after this.
And If there are any more issues, do include Ignasis and/or Hugo in your reply.

Hey @zabba

Could you let us know if your crashing persists after the patch?

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well, not sure if the patch fixed it or if it was me changing the resolution to 1080p (was 4k). Will test it and update you

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