[Funcom #1120041] Bought 1 month offer but account still "unpaid" please help

Please help Funcom. I bought a 1 month promotion with pioneer backpack and 2 14 day keys a few days ago, paid with my debit card, but still can’t log in!!

It’s been a few days now and I’m really wanting to log back into my paid account. I submitted a ticket and petition on my Froob account and still haven’t heard anything.

Helllllllllllp!!! Going on 3 days or so now.

-Novice illphil (Solitus Trader)
-Apprentice illphil (Opifex Agent)

For Acount or payment Issues please use the E-mail Ticket System.
The forum is not the appropriate place for it. If you make a Ticket through the System then you can only wait.