Funcom Acquires Full Control of Conan the Barbarian and Dozens of Other IPs

Related to Conan Exiles enough to share here. I’ll let you all discuss what you think (if anything) this will impact Conan Exiles wise. Generally, having total IP control tends to be a good thing for a game.


Ooooooo this sounds promising


Do I have to register or log in, sorry for the stupid question, thanks for your understanding

This sounds good on the surface, I am very interested in seeing how the Conan series turns out on Netflix). My only concern (hopefully ill-gotten) is that Funcom was being ‘forced’ to strictly adhere to canon and will now be free to deviate as they see fit. I have faith however, and am very pleased that Funcom is actively continuing their pursuit of all things Conan. This ensures (in my mind) that we will not be left by the wayside in the near future. :beer:

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@stelagel I did not have to register or login to anything to read the article.

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Does this mean we’ll finally be able to get Savage Avenger’s armors and skins? (I kid, I kid! :stuck_out_tongue: )

From what I can tell, it looks like they have all the IP rights for Conan, but that probably also includes all the licensing contracts, which would mean that Marvel will probably continue to make Conan comics (and have Conan in Savage Avengers).

Thank you, I didn’t know I needed to read only the article :man_shrugging:. Thanks again

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Generally, but not always. I share @DaVice’s concern that Funcom was just being forced to adhere to the lore and will now proceed to toss it all out the window.

Also I have absolutely zero faith in anything Netflix puts out atm.

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I have one word for this fear, and that word is Joel.

(Context as maybe not everybody is aware, but Joel Bylos is like THE Conan person that all things have to go past to be introduced into Conan Exiles. Has been since 2017. )

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who will live, will see? now it offers a lot of possibilities of implementation, I can’t wait to see how it will evolve

This is exciting news. Let us hope that some iconic gear which we have been previously unable to obtain can now may now make a grand appearance in this amazing game. I know I have pulled this list several tims in the past, but it is so worth posting it again.

Conan’s Fathers Sword:


Valerica’s Valkyrie Armor:

Thorgrim’s Warhammer:


Subotai’s Bow: