Funcom Acquires Entire Conan IP

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Amazing. So excited!. Massive updates incoming!
Now they will add the bugged and missing RF Instance.
They will also fix the Groupfinder updates where the Script in Scorpion Cave/ Caravan Raiders blocks the way like still in fight and everyone will be able again to kill the Acheronian Demigod because so many people do him and so many people do Unchained.
Also Cimmerian End will be swarmed again by so many Players doing Bori since now you will be capable to have more than 1 Rare in your inventory as you used to thus one will be the loot hoarder again and Altar Sacrifices will be fast.
Do i even need to mention that all Players will again have the opportunity to buy Advanced Riding because it was bugged even if you were lvl 80 with 5 Gold but you clicked on it and the transaction didn’t function like you re clicking thin air? Yes that will be fixed too and now you will be able to use your ‘‘Free Reward mount’’ Yay!
Oh! Skull Gate Pass. Vammatar fight will work as intended! Yay!
And what else? What else? You feel it all don’t you? Dont you???
Such an amazing turn of events! Yeeepy!
Age of Conan Reborn :cry: I feel so emotional…

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OMG! Character Transfers and Payment System will work once again! YAY!

…or maybe not and that’s the Irony. None of that that persists over a Year, will ever happen at all…

Do you have to defecate on every single post?


I dont understand. Will this acquire make improvements to age of conan ?

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Lego conan in 3…2…1…

It says new projects underway, not old projects. This is a sad day for the Conan IP. Funcom is a terrible custodian for it.

That being said, my money is on a Battle Royale version of Conan.

It seems like the obvious choice that our illustrious CEO would make.

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I agree. I have no hope anymore for Age of Conan or the Conan IP. I have no trust in Funcom anymore.