Funcom ban us forever for nothing lol

I have been banned all my life for making a base near the volcano obelisk … Does the game allow me to build in one spot and if I do, you kick me out of the game? I did not spam foundations to claim and I absolutely did not block the exit from the obelisk. I built on top of the obelisk roof. more than 6k hours of gameplay and all the dlc’s bought for nothing. surely I will not spend more € 1 for people who do not know how to do their job. I tell my opinion and all time remove my post. I ask at zendesk more time but nothing. Lol


Well, I at least agree with you. Banishment for 1st offense building violations (if it is 1st offense) is unacceptable and just plain EVIL in my opinion - other vet players seem to agree as well.


1st offenses are also not lifetime bans. Furthermore with the latest updates (at least on testlive) there is programing in place to prevent you from building too close to an obelisk (it will automatically destroy anything too close). Thus, we would need a LOT more information than the (rather vague and sketchy) information provided thus far.


Hi @diego126

Please make sure you reach out over to our Zendesk team so they can help you out further.
You can read more about how to submit a ticket here: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures
Make sure you select the correct request type (Ban appeal in this case)

Hope this helps!