Funcom does not do nothing with cheats

Cheaters using cheats wtf
enter to youtube and write the url plus the final link : you…com /watch?v=Bc826aol-Is


Yes im in the same server #1019
they are teleporting and esp hacking. I also have screen recordings of the same players cheating

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me to)) send 2 video with hucker , reaction 0
Just die all time for cheaters

Let us know what server, by #, is being exploited. (not who is doing it)

You can file a bugreport on zendesk.

Its server #1019, same guys always cheating

in the video (link i provided i say who is using cheats , 3 guys in a team . I have to say names cause they have to be be banned . wtf is that … al server we are angry with this people they can kill u from outside the walls . That´s not cool .

Did you submit a Zendesk report?

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