Funcom Enforcemnt

How is Funcom going to enforce their rules ? since day one i have noticed certain players doing things but was not 100% sure but now i know they are exploiting almost as bad as the before the Ping block was put in place. How is Funcom planning on enforcing their servers ??

THey are not going to have enforcement. “If you want saved spot or cheaters dealt with, play a private server” EA there were known dupers brought to their attention and nothing was ever done. Realistically they dont have the man power to have server admins in place to prevent it. Only thing we can do is just keep drawing attention to it, hoping something gets done.

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i’v had these talks before, it dose not take much man power. and private servers are not reliable, enforcement wise or sustainability. i have proved them wrong multiple time ( funcom ) hell i worked with them at one point to prevent cheating but they care little. I even at one point was on chat with a Dev while they were telling me it was not possible to cheat in a certain manner , ie admin console etc etc, until i whiped out a live stream of a cheater and showed them. the dude cheating went through 5 more public servers and then onto private servers for the next 2 -3 months without any type of punishment.

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