Funcom: Interviews, showcases and next gen console support - May 2020 (Updated December 17, 2020)

That would make sense; if I understand it correctly, they no longer have any obligation to do them so it makes commercial sense to remove that as an avenue for speculation. Announcements become purely marketing related to the output of the company.

No shareholders to keep in the loop that aren’t already in the loop, as it were.


Out of curiosity why is this in this forum? Last time i checked this is for conan exiles not somethibg else. Should this be considered spam? Or it’s conan exilea related?

It’s Conan Exiles related enough, I think. Even though it is talking about something that C.E. didn’t reveal, the discussion was still centered around C.E. Not only that, but this thread is Funcom-centric, which might include the occasional snippet of something that looks off-topic like that. Just my opinion.

I’ve updated the thread with a talk about game logic in Unreal Engine, which I missed out on on July 14, 2020 (Update August 3, 2020; upload date).

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As we approach 2021, my coverage on Funcom news will likely quiet down a bit and head into a new thread when the time comes. Here’s some leftover plugs for now.

Update August 26, 2020
Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is getting its own CG animated movie.

Update September 24, 2020

The Park is now available on Nintendo Switch in Japan.

Update September 28, 2020
For those who understand Norwegian; Erling Ellingsen, CMO at Funcom did an interview on Conan Exiles, Dune and Funcom in general.

Update September 29, 2020
whispers: “It’s a secret” :shushing_face:

Update October 1, 2020
Conan is getting a TV series on Netflix:

Update October 1, 2020: I’ve edited the top post with a note on the canceled quartely reports and archived Investor site.

Plug: Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden CG animated movie

Plug: Conan the Barbarian TV series on Netflix

Conan Netflix series

Can’t wait for it to get canceled after two seasons.

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Or be like Secret World TV series and disappear up Johhny Depp’s Infinitum Nihil

I just want a good movie version. I would suspect a tv series would be watered down.

If it got the Predator treatment, a series would be ramped up compared to the movies.

Ehh, I haven’t watched a ton of Netflix shows but what I saw of Altered Carbon was pretty liberal with the violence and nudity. Plus I think the nature of the original stories, i.e. short, mostly self-contained adventures, would be ideally suited to a series. And I think a new format would give it more room to breathe and be its own thing, whereas a movie would be in the shadow of the '82 film from day one.

Of course who knows whether it’ll actually be done well or not, but I’m not dismissing it out of hand just because it’s a series rather than a movie.

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I have yet to see anything on Netflix that was up to snuff when it comes to movies and tv. Maybe its just the directors they draw but I’ve never been able to sit thru any of the netflix originals (actually canceled netflix as a result). If they go the pulp route and just do the mamoa/destroyer thing, I think it would just kill it as a franchise for awhile again. They really should try to get John Milius to direct and Oliver Stone to write like the original as they seemed to “get” what made Conan an interesting and compelling story. The Conan actor themself could then be someone new as Arnold brought a body… not really acting.

Well Conan TV series has a… varied… history (I made dis)

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Hey hey,

It’s something in store o’ clock. :soon:.

To be very faithful to your request
Here’s a reminder
Set your clock and your alarm
Or you may get no rest

For Hellsinger is showing a new trailer on the Golden Joystick Awards later today:

Truth be told, hear it from the guy himself by clicking on the tweet above.

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Watch the new trailer for Metal: Hellsinger
“Poetry of Cinder” to be performed by James Dorton (Black Crown Initiate)

The trailer showcases new places, weapons and music.

It […] contains gameplay visuals mainly from the stage known as Voke – an icy prison where Hell’s disfavored are sent to rot in torment. These are the devils that were considered too vicious even for Hell, or who just crossed the wrong power.(1)


Well well well…
I know a couple of we who dwell in the darkness might try this out on account of the pretty music.

Looks cool, sounds great. After all, that was the reason I bought DOOM.
Lets wait and see.
:metal: :smiling_imp:

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awesome idea, except I don’t really fancy hack-and-slash/shoot-em-all even with bad-■■■ beats in background

Conan Exiles seemingly supports PlayStation’s Remote Play. This was introduced on the PS4 -and PS5- 2 weeks ago.

In other news, Funcom has rolled out some changes to their website. Among others, the PR site is now wearing a new set of armor.

And, for those interested:

Pre-production concept art for the upcoming Funcom Dune survival game (impression).
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Feel free to correct me on any of the details above.

Note: This content is not representative for any of the upcoming (final) products. It is meant to give an impression of possible styles / inspiration which could be drawn from.