Plug: Conan the Barbarian TV series on Netflix

apparently there are talks “again” about netflix doing a live action CONAN series with the possibility of a cartoon series as well,hopefully it gain’s a bit more traction this time,fingers crossed

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I know there is a thread somewhere here, couldn’t find it- but this (the full series is on youtube, and actually it isn’t all that bad)

I am getting old I guess- every time something is redone or remade it loses something. After Conan the Destroyer everything just seemed like a shadow. Even that was watered down, IMO. And I didn’t care for Momoa’s Conan all that much. Maybe a new endeavor will be good, who can say?


yeh i remember that old series,wasn’t the best effort and i did not get to see many episodes,a bunch of conan fan sites im subbed to posted the info this morning so hope to see some actual progress this time,we’ve waited a long time for something new weather a movie or tv series and im sure some one’s looking for the next big thing after GoT,hope for the best and expect nothing,disappointment or elation will follow soon enough…lol


The old thing oh yeah. My dad had most of the books read them so long ago. My wife and I where dating and watched the first movie then. Theater has been a Best Buy for 20 plus years now. Time moves on. I would read the books again but 2 busy playing games.

I have all the REH stories on my Kindle, but yes- I play more than I read these days, its a pity I must work to correct I think


I read so many books before access to cable when we moved out of the Ozarks.

Oh man would I love to direct that series :grimacing:

On a serious note that’s cool I’m looking forward to seeing this. Maybe Funcom will take advantage and pump out some more bad content. :roll_eyes:


That’s interesting. I wonder if I can find it online anywhere

I hope that netflix will NEVER have rights to conan franchise, they already killed castlevania and he-man with sjw and feminism sht. Witcher wasted too.


They claim it’s not forcing Political Agendas on us as long as its their Agendas :smiley: It’s funny. Just like Disney ruined Star Wars.
One of the good things i like about Funcom is that it banishes everything political. They took it right, we wont have to suffer SJW Commies here thankfully.

I think SJW community would fundamentally avoid a fantasy world that is ideologically opposed to everything they believe in. The world of Hyboria should should be safe for the foreseeable future.

Aye, it feels like current showbusiness became reverse King Midas, and instead of turning everything they touch into gold, it just turns into poop.

Because Conan world is so different, that’s the reason why they would go for it. To subvert and destroy it. The best way of respecting legacy is leaving it in the past. So I can only hope they are going to forget about it and leave it be.