Funcom is disrespecting their players

The fact that Funcom has the audacity to release paid content for this game is mind boggling. They patch the game to fix two things and end up breaking something else in the process.

There isn’t a single system in this game, crafting, fighting, climbing, harvesting, exploring that isn’t riddled with bugs.

Funcom, seriously, you need to halt all new features in this game and strictly focus on making the core concepts you’re already going for work.

Even if Funcom can get itself out of its rut of two steps forward one step back, we’re still months away from having this game polished, and the players aren’t going to stick around through the bugs and won’t return if it still plays like ■■■.


I understand the criticism, and the suggestion, to an extent. It’s frustrating when a game you are passionate about has bug issues that you find invasive and aggravating. However, with that said, what you have asked for, they have and are already doing. You said they need to focus on fixing core concepts (features) of the game. The last major patch, just a week ago, was all about this.

Then, they outlined their current and future goals and how they are focused on improving core concepts in their “Christmas and Current Focus” post. In here, they made their declaration of continuing to focus on core mechanics, with future new content put on hold, even as to go as far as to say they wouldn’t do a Christmas Event this year because of that.

As for DLC’s, as somebody who has spent a huge amount of time in the Dev Kit, as well as somebody who studied (focused and self taught mostly, despite not having an actual 3D art program at my college) 3D modeling in college, I can tell you that the Artists who work on this are two things.

  1. They are not coders, they can’t be pulled off of their projects to work on buggy code (C++ or blueprint) problems, because that is not what they have spent thousands, tens of thousands of hours training their craft in.

  2. The art that every DLC has had up to this point doesn’t need coders to implement them. The foundation for new art, which is featured in the DLC’s, is already there. Its just about as plug and play as you can get on that front. All of their time spent in the office is virtually spent working on the actual art, with implementation into the game being a simple procedure. You can do this yourself and see how that whole process plays out by downloading the Dev Kit, and learning about how to make your own 3D buildings and placeables.

There are a great many players who enjoy the DLCs and what they bring (especially us builders). If Funcom were to halt future DLC’s all for the sake of, halting DLC’s that doesn’t actually make a difference on whether or not something get’s fixed faster or not, then Funcom is disappointing another block of some or their core, most passionate fans. Not to mention, artists are some of the most vulnerable workers in the game industry. It is extremely common in the game development world to fire, or otherwise let go artists after a project has concluded (as in, a game has been released). Having DLC’s is one major way that lets the artists do what they do best, and keeps their jobs to say the least.

Finally, your list of game features you feel is buggy is quite general. In order for Funcom to be most sucessful, it’s better to get into specifics. Is there something that wasn’t fixed in the last patch, or something not currently on the Official Trello board being worked on that you feel needs to be fixed? Then it is highly encouraged to fill out a bug report (yes, even if it’s been reported before by yourself or others) so it can get some eyes on the subject you feel is important. Saying that “crafting is bugged” doesn’t really tell anybody anything. How is it bugged? Is it a bug, or do you feel it needs to be improved? If so how? Specifics are far more valuable then generalizations. Funcom wants your input and your feedback, they have been working extremely hard to improve on this (especially the last few months) and to show that they are listening. The more specific you can get, the better.


I would like to see a 1 month decay timer, a lvl cap that enables all feats to be learned and more perks, but not all of them. Lastly I want repeatable, or long term content. There are no end game mechanics to keep us checking in, only fear of our base decaying brings us back. This game looks amazing, the movment system is superb, map is large and beautiful. Feats, nice but only being able to learn half is limiting. Perks, while nice, could be SO much more involvedwith additional points to spend on them.

If the game was released today, as one of the many that launch at Christmas, would you consider it to be a full releaseable (?) Game?.

I love the upgrades. I love the game, bugs and all. I played this game way before release and trust me it has improved tremendously and is continuing to improve.

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I’ve played since launch, and paid for three of the four DLCs. Don’t feel disrespected or slighted in the least.


It has so fare been an awsome gaming experiance, and i love the dlc’s. And want more, so much to build, and love to see what others build to.

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I rather have them work really long on new updates.
Reason being the same you state with one tiny difference:
When they fix everything first and then push new content out, they might break even more.

Just try to remember what happened with full launch.
Almost everything worked perfectly fine (if there was anything I dont remember it) and then the big bang came.
Launch client.
So many horrific bugs. And most likely just because they forced that release with having there devs pulling allnighters. There had been patches and answers at 3 or 5 am. Just crazy.

I think we need to be more patient.
Cant wait for a properly working purge and working alchemist spawns plus thrall spawns be reviewed too - why give an incentive to build in three locations at the same time? Why cannot all big locations grant a chance on a t4 crafting thrall of each kind?
But that is stuff which will be on low priority.

With time eighter player base goes down or fixes and content will come.
My rough guess is that they didnt want to tell about sorcery being next but were kinda pushed to do so.
This might hint at how much work is still needed.
If siege is part of that too, I think it’s better off to be taking a while longer. Otherwise they would just push out (sorry) trashy OP stuff. I do hope for a good testlive duration plus an incentive for people to really test it.
Not reaching lvl 30 or similar in a 12 hour period, but rather 60 in 30 days with a full epic set plus some legendary weapon aquired. Posing like that in front of a fully improved t3 base. This would mean that player has played for a certain amount of time and should have stumbled upon bugs if there are some.

However. As much as I was one to speak up in favor of pve (and pve-c) testlive, I think for a siege testlive, pvp is a must. Even if I dont like that for testing purposes. (purge and pets werent really pvp things though…)

one of few developers of online games without p2w

or did u see here skeleton keys at sale? its all just skins what they adding

evry game need more/new features, but just some get it. i want see here also more things, but also know there are many things wich other survival games dont have, climbing,dungeons,slaves etc

each game evolve, just show some trus in funcom

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I greatly understand your irritation with the fact that bugs are still around. However Multigun has a wonderful point in his post. Artists more often than not don’t have any training in coding and those that do would probably not be pulled off their art plans to fix something they didn’t build in the first place due to such things being more difficult if you have no idea what the person has been up to.

In addition to that if the artists were to stop pumping out new DLCs that caused no problem to the games core mechanics themselves, would be losing money be unable to pay the workers who were A. Making the content. And B. Fixing the bugs in the game. This choice was fundamentally cripple this game entirely and possibly even the company which is in no ones interest. is one of the very few game developers that does not add a Pay to Win feature to their game, They even went as far to nerf the first DLC to make sure everyone was happy that those armors were no different than the best you could already make. Not only this unlike a large number of Developers i’ve come in contact with is actively working to fix bugs, So much so they have Halted any major new content and a Christmas event which had the possibility of pulling in players that had left the game for a period of time back into the game. This shows a great deal of dedication to their game.

All in all it feels more like we are coming out ontop. Not only does care about their game and the condition it is in, They also are listening closely to their community. There are constantly threads bashing or saying the game is broken which i won’t say the game isn’t broken because i know there are plenty of bugs and i am filling out two reports today alone. But they are also not charging us money for content they promised us would be in the base game and they are making sure the game is functional before adding in new major content that could possibly compound an already existing issue. Yes some bugs reappear but that is to be expected in programming I’ve tinkered a bit with programming myself and that happens. Thankfully though they are not charging us for content they said would be in the base game which is something they didn’t have to do they could have told us to fork over money like so many other devs have done with their games.

All in all i have grown to have a very high opinion of despite being a very critical person. They have not only showed they care about their game, but also about their community and that they are more about making a wonderful game for themselves and the player base than making money hand over fist like so many of the larger developers.


I share Krieg’s Point here: If we do not buy DLCs, then Funcom would not have money to pay the salary of their coders. Thus the coders would leave and no longer fix bugs! And that is not what I would like…

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