Funcom Launcher is live (2021-03-24)

I finally got it. Launch it this way.

I:\STEAM\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Binaries\Win64\ConanSandbox_BE.exe


For those who don’t see the full content of the launcher - naturally most importantly the “Launch” and “Continue” buttons - could you please share what display resolution and scaling you run with?

Windows Settings → System → Display → Scate and layout

Resizing/scrolling definitely something to add, but we’d like to understand under what circumstance this happens so we can also avoid it in the first place.

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For those who don’t see the full content of the launcher - naturally most importantly the “Launch” and “Continue” buttons - could you please share what display resolution and scaling you run with?

Windows Settings → System → Display → Scate and layout

Resizing/scrolling definitely something to add, but we’d like to understand under what circumstance this happens so we can also avoid it in the first place.

So. I forgot that I run my displays with a different Scale than Normal. (Because my eyes are pretty bad).

My main Monitor is a 4K Monitor set to a display resolution of 3840x2160 with a 250% scale (i.e. value for “Change the size of text, apps, and other items”) Set to Landscape mode.

My multi-monitor setup is set to “Extend” and my secondary monitor is a BenQ HD 1920 x 1080 Resolution monitor set to a scale of 125%.

I’m testing now to see if adjusting the scaling will scale the launcher window…
EDIT: Changing the windows Scaling Value allows me to see more of my desktop than just the launcher, but given that the launcher window is not resizeble, this does not help much.
Apparently if the Launch and Continue buttons are not showing, changing the screen scaling does not make them appear. HOWEVER, if you change the scaling BEFORE starting the launcher through steam–and the scaling is less than 200%–then the Launch and continue buttons appear.

I changed my scaling settings various times, and have determined the following: Launch and Continue buttons will appear at any scaling below 200%.

If the windows Scaling is set above 200%, the launch and continue buttons will be clipped. Bad news for nerds like me with bad eyes.

The essential problem is that the launcher window does not scale with the windows scaling settings. I hope that this helps you guys nail this down and resolve it quickly. For now I will launch the game from the file system, but it is annoying for sure.


огромное спасибо,только так смог зайти в игру)) :+1: :+1: :+1:

This update is infuriating, I paid for all DLC including Siptah and everything worked perfectly until this launcher. I’ve spent weeks upon weeks making it work on a Linux server of mine and my Linux box … running the regular .exe does nothing to try and get it to work outside of the Launcher. i.e. the launcher ruined the game I’ve been playing for months on end. Is there any way to get this working again after the Launcher ruined my Conan Exiles experience after all the money I spent? Maybe launch options in Steam or some way to totally evade the launcher?

Seska and I posted a way. I don’t know if it’ll help a Linux user, but it’s a path to start from.

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Thank you for the info, I really appreciate it … I tried the non-BattleEye route since I despise BattleEye and I feel like that meant using the non “…BE.exe” file, but at this point it’s depressing enough I’m probably just going to head to bed, it’s 10pm my time and after this update I’ve gotten 0 minutes playtime for a game that cost me almost $100 dollars and was wrecked in 1 update, heh … le sighhh

is it just me or someone else noticed that the launcher is not showing more than 50 mods?

My list of available mods shows only the first 50 in alphabetical order

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My feedback:
Nobody asked for this.
We don’t need a launcher for you to shill the rest of your games to us on - if we wanted them, we most likely already bought them through a launcher (Known as ‘steam’, you know, the platform you sell most of your games on already?, that we use to launch our games from. Because we don’t want to clutter our computers with even more crap launchers)

Not only have I had to dig through the files to find the .exe’s to bypass this sudden, unwanted installation of adware on my PC because the launcher itself seems to crash every other launch. CTD. ZERO error reporting. no ‘submit your crash log to funcom’ pop up, Nothing. Straight to desktop.

Also, Fix the Rhino’s already - the fact I can deal damage left-to-right, but not right-to-left should have been patched ages ago.


Eh, I actually like my launcher Continue button. Sure, I’ve seen how to work around it too, but they made a game I like and have spent hundreds of hours on, which I find very nice during pandemic lockdowns, so I don’t mind that my game starts with me seeing their launcher.

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There are third party tools to that allow you to edit more advanced options for steam. You can use the old “Launch without battleye” from steam with those tools by removing the other options, and is the only way to launch on Linux right now afaik (the launcher won’t work on linux without a fix, as in my previous post).

Unfortunately I don’t want to name or link them outright since I don’t want to get banned, unless I get the OK from a higher power, but it is functionally equivelent to running plain “ConanSandbox.exe” but for linux with proton. Because of Steam for linux’s sandboxing you can’t just “run” ConanSandbox.exe in the same way you can on Windows.

I considered trying to patch the launcher myself but it might be a upstream bug in greenworks which I don’t really have enough information on to try anything.

I don’t either… if it worked.

A “Beta” for a launcher, should not accompany a live game


Here’s the info you asked for

150% Zoom
1920 X 1080 Recommended display resolution
display orientetion

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Yes, it is. Steam is my choosen launcher for various reasons. Neither do I asked, need or want another one. Why do I have to run it?

Funcom just shows its community once again how important they are take “fixing their game”. Datamining seems more of an buisness to Tencent then actually creating high quality games. I am glad that my Conan hype is more and more coming to and end. It makes avoiding this “new launcher” for me much easier.

I have 2 displays and have tried it on both.
One is 1920x1080p - 100% (recommended) - landscape
The other is 3840x2160p - 150% (recommended) - landscape

" * A “Continue” button option which skips the start-up videos (once assets are loaded) and start menu, taking you directly into the game on the server you played on last - or your solo or co-op game if appropriate"

Ok, cool… But what if we want to change servers? Or go from single player to online??
“Conveniently,” you’ve left that out. -_-

Maybe I’m just missing something or not seeing something (wouldn’t be the first time,) but I truly can’t figure this out. How are we supposed to switch between the servers? The only way I’ve found is by loading into one server (which now takes me literally 35-40 minutes longer than before,) just so I can exit to the main menu and choose another server, then wait another 5-10 min for it to load in.

Next to Continue is the launch button, which takes you down the same path as launching the game before the launcher doesn’t it? Continue is just for skipping all the regular launch clicks and choices we would normally have to make each game launch before. I guess I am confused about you have to join into a game and exit before choosing a different server.

When I hit “Launch,” it takes me into the last server I was on.
I’ve literally been needing to log into the last server I was on, then Esc and Main Menu to get to the original starting screen where you choose to play solo or online.

(At least it kept doing it that way every time I tried to log in yesterday. Did they do another update or something since then??)

“Continue” for me does what you are describing. When I click on “Launch”, my next screen is this: Screenshot by Lightshot

This is how it has worked for me since Test Live, when it was first released.

I’ll have to try it again later. I finally got into the server I wanted, so I’m not backing out of it just yet. Every time I tried to log in yesterday, it didn’t matter which option I clicked, it just took me straight to the last server I was on.

Thanks though :-/