Funcom Launcher still requesting webcam access

This had been brought up a month ago and still no answer why this is. My security software is flagging up that Funcom Launcher is attempting to gain access to my webcam, no request to do so and absolutely no reason it should do this.

I’d like to see a reason as to why this came about and a fix as this is a huge privacy issue.

Have you heard of any other people experiencing the issue that you know of other than you and @lanier67 ?

It would probably be useful if there was a common factor that could be identified. I see from your screenshot that you are using Norton SafeCam (and guessing UK OS from your picture :slight_smile: ), and Lanier67 was using Kaspersky from German OS.

I’ve done some testing myself on a number of UK pcs (and got a friend to test on hers as well) and was unable to get alerts to trigger for webcam on either Kaspersky, Defender or Avast. Also whitebox testing I can’t see anything in the launcher activity that would normally seek webcam access; I’m not going to RE it as I don’t want to be banned :stuck_out_tongue:

Would be good to know if it was more widespread than a couple of people, i.e. if they are the ones that have “caught” it in the act or if it is an issue just for those 2 installs, caused by something else on those PCs.

Link to other post (from @Mayra acknowledging that it is being looked at) for reference: Funcom Launcher is attempting to get access to wthe webcam? - #23 by Mayra


Yes, must be antivirus software related, or this in addition to some region or even providers.
Is Norton still a thing, nowadays ? :crazy_face:

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norton, kaspersky, mcaffe and my personal favourite avast, those and other useless semantics based detectors that take your resources, shower you in false positives and f-k-up your OS
then do little then that

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OK, consider my skepticism popped; managed to repro the issue when I refreshed my friend’s old laptop :slight_smile:

While they don’t have the issue on their fancy pants HP Omen, webcam access was requested when I fresh installed Conan Exiles on their backup laptop. Raised a bug report, as I am pretty sure that this shouldn’t be intended behavior…

Completely agree. They’re just here to make feel people secure, and tax some money on the way if they can.

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