Funcom live services disaster show

Welcome to day 5 in Funcoms Live Services show:

  • Players closing down or cancelling rented servers
  • Players that cant play because Funcom says they have no internet
  • Decay timing still active although many players cannot loggin to save their bases
  • Thralls like Janos or Denisia chasing rabbits
  • Offline game only available through internet now
  • Access to servers through battlemetrics and others imposible
  • Continuous bugs when you teleport from obelisks
  • Purge doesnt work
  • Missing items in boxes
  • Funcom refuses to reply to the many topics claiming a solution

Funcom Live Services…what else did we expect.

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Actually I just had my first purge since I came back to the game and was pleasantly surprised that it DID work. I had all four waves attack, and it was very realistic. I had a blast defending.


All thralls chase rabbits now, it seems they and all non lethal enemies were added to the kill list.

I really don’t understand peoples issue with this. In order to load CE before you had to be connected to Steam, which means you had to be connected to the internet. You always had to be online to play.

That is their own choice to do that. Really no reason for doing so unless they just do not understand how to run one.

In all honestly, from the moment the patch went live I have had no issue seeing servers or logging into servers. The main servers I have seen that have had issues are those that had 30+ mods installed on them and they chose to keep their servers closed for a couple days until mods were patched up and things were stabilized and the hotfix was put out. I’ve even been on those servers since then with zero problem.

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Well thralls gotta eat. Rabbit I guess.

I play on an Official Server and I have to log into the server list over and over and over getting pings of 250-9999 on a server that was always 40-90 before the patch. For the record says my ping today is 52ms. America, west coast. I think this happens because the new server list loads them all at once and it cause the server list to have very high latency. But I do eventually get on when the server load system loads my server last or after the main bunch.

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