Funcom make up ur mind, stop giving us new structures if you will wipe us

an unkeep cost would solve a lot of problems, will probally get rid of refreshers (being reported by a refesher was a kind insulting for a player that plays every day) Will make people play more and spent more in game as they will be in touch with promotions and itens in the shop.


That is flat out wrong. They game was very much developed with them in mind. Most adjustments comes directly from officials playthrough and feedback. Like I said earlier, it’s dang strange that FC’s ideal CE play is not supported with their official servers. No one wants to address this elephant in that they are holding a hypocrisy with this in that their official servers refuse to allow the play they promote; leaving administration and players frustrated.

All of this could easily be rectified with a change in a promise they made early on. Periodic refreshing of officials. I mean you can promote the play you want and with the refreshing, officials can support it. It meshing with their stance that officials offer a taste and heavier or long lasting play will require private server investments.

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I’m at the same spot. I’m just resetting my base in case I decide to actually play again (probably will a bit once the new chapter comes out but not sure for how long). I’ve played so much in the past that is it almost like trying to break an addiction.

At this point I just remember all the folks I met over the years and the epic and fun (online) battles that used to happen.

I play pretty much exclusive PVP and right now the lack of clear rules and the fact that raid balance is sooo bad now pretty much has ended my time playing…


Angry, no. Resigned at this point, yes.

Let sum up your points I guess you have against what I have said.

  • Greedy players bad (building?). They need to learn to share in a game world that is advertised as Conquer. Build. Survive.

  • I don’t know how to share and want to hog up the server resources (wait a second I will get my black hat and mustache).

  • I must be angry for some reason . I don’t get this one, but hey opinions I guess.

Maybe an ingame restrictor that prevents you from building more if you violate the building restriction in that area or server wide. Maybe make this on the player or the clan/ guild as a whole?

The “issue” if I even have one is this comes down to satisfying a players perception of the game that they gained from the impression the game advertising gave. Agreed that is a tough one. I would say again upgrade the hardware to the game can play for the players as advertised and the impression given .

Anything beyond that it leaves it up in the air if more players will give this game the time of day or come back to it after a bad experience. Time will tell. I do believe in some ways time has told. Now it is just a question of whether the right people listened to what it said or ignored.

@biggcane55 I seem to remember that being said on a stream about console numbers. That is a tough nut to crack.

Sidenote: Strongly belief that @Oduda may have a reading and/or a comprehension issue. They may need to have the checked out. Cheers.

I did. A dev stream i am not going to spend time finding. It was defibately said, as i remember a “wow” monent for me when lisyening. May have been when rob took over combat design.

Except that the fact was taken out of its context, and the clarification of it was omitted here. Here’s that clarification:

So the claim that you and @Xevyr are presenting here is actually false. The game is very much developed with official servers in mind, but it’s not developed only for official servers. Things that should apply to the whole game will be handled through game mechanics. Things that should apply only to the official servers will be handled by the rules. Those who don’t like those rules can choose to play elsewhere, because there’s a variety of other ways to play.


All I can say is that I hope the private servers are not the basis of the “real” Conan game.

To confirm my suspicions, I just logged in and sorted the PVP servers by population size. When looking at private servers, seems like many of the most popular and longest lasting are 18+ ERP type servers with many of them having high fantasy mods. To each their own but that isn’t the Conan universe game I was looking for… Feels like the game has turned into a niche game vs. something that will appeal to the broad market (my opinion).

I also agree that “Official” should be the baseline foundation of the game. It is cool that folks are developing mods and creating private servers but I agree with Sairdontis that most folks first experience a game by playing on Official servers (with the expectation that is the core game the devs envisioned). If the official servers have serious issues then most folks will just stop playing and not recommend to friends.

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Hmmm… feels like one could say the same to the folks on the other side of the argument. LOL

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Reading thru this long and interesting thread, it does seem like most of the focus is on PVE/PVE-C.

Regarding PVP I believe there is one big issue that is not being addressed here. As I’ve often pointed out in different threads, in the past the way to deal with offline raids was to build big. Now Funcom is banning folks for building too large while at the same time making it easier to farm large numbers of bombs. The balance is just waaaaay off.

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The walls seem to have gone back to the tissue paper side of strength. I have always seen bombs a sort of out of place in Conan. Orbs make sense, but full power dragon (red gunpowder) powder doesn’t seem like something I would want to carry in my pocket whilst sieging a opponents fortress. Also the feel is off with bombs in a way that Trebs seem more in line with the blunt force approach of the Conan universe.

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So I have no reason to doubt you when you say that you’ve found good private servers. My personal experience though has been quite the opposite. The few that I’ve tried either ended up disappearing or the admins started behaving badly. The issue that I’m running into now, when wanting to try some of the 3rd party maps, is the low pops (unless I want to play 18+ ERP) and the huge number of mods often required to download. Plus I hate when I think I’ve found a good Conan server and find out it uses high fantasy mods… Uhhhggg…

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Well when folks were building big, I had some sympathy to having bombs in this universe in that it was a way to balance things out (trebs are just too slow for large bases). Now that “build big” is not allowed, the ability to quickly farm large amounts of bombs (with no offline protection or limited safe storage) just make the balance way off. With that being the case, I wish they at least make bombs more difficult to create and/or add more Conan universe compatible items such as battering rams…

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Really? Is that why they go to crap when there’s more than 15 players online at a time. And have done so for over 6 years now? Sub-10 server FPS is a design feature lol.

To the OP, purchase new structure pieces for bases that evaporate in minutes to the blistering explosive power of bombs. Maybe we could get some fire damage resistance materials or kinetic blunting materials . Maybe these materials could created by the Religion alters or with Sorcery .

I don’t know, maybe you want to explain why they spend so much effort introducing a bunch of optimizations before releasing certain features, optimizations without which those features wouldn’t be playable on official servers.

At any rate, I presented you with Umborls’s own words that show that your interpretation is incorrect. So what happened to facts being facts even though you don’t like them?

What you’ve brought up doesn’t align with reality.

I mean if you’re going to factor in everything that affects all servers, why not include content like golems, mannequins, and the new event area in that argument. I mean they’ll be available on provided servers too. So they must be considering them too! :laughing:

Our interpretations are spot on. Unless you want to tell me that the reliability of those servers improved since 2.8. We both know the answer to that is no.

If they really did factor those servers in development, there would be a helluva slower pace of new content to ensure it doesn’t break those servers. The amount of threads per week on provided servers crashing and the experience over all proves that isn’t the case.

Oh I completely agree with you on that!!! I avoid those servers myself. The server I have been on for quite a while now has no mods at all and does not allow erp on the server. It is lore based as well and on most nights there are usually between 25-30 people online.

So my point was, not to say that such servers where admin abuse takes place does not exist, it was that to claim that all private servers are that way is just as stupid as to claim that all official servers are toxic garbage bins. They are not (well some might be but certainly not all)! That was the point I was making.

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I don’t think I ever claimed that it’s not part of their agenda at all… at least I didn’t mean to imply that… just that it’s not specifically designed for it or the highest priority on their list, and it’s really not… because otherwise it would be easy to hard-code a lot of the rules and make a much better performing game…

Other than that another claim I made is that the rules are necessary and aren’t there for performance reasons, but rather mainly for actual landclaim / sharing space reasons. Performance is secondary and only applies in extreme cases which is also clearly stated in the ToC.

Yup, again this was mainly about PvE servers and the wiping of “decorative” “artsy” stuff. In PvP it’s less of a problem (not the admin wiping, but the landclaim part), since you can destroy enemy buildings.

And yes, PvP private servers are not nearly as good on average because typically the owners play PvP as well and they’re competitive, so it’s much harder to find a good PvP server than PvE.

I didn’t mean it in a way that I doubt that you heard that, but more like… I’d like to know the timeline and context, hence why I was asking for a source, you know… to get an idea of how recent that was, but it’s fine.

I’m sorry… you do come across very angry, hence why I took the time to type up that long reply for you in the first place… adapting some of the stylish caps-lock you also used.
Probably this also gives off the message that you’re angry / upset:

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Also, I think I said everything that was to be said on this topic.
Apparently not everyone likes that (no surprise there), even though the purpose was to provide an explanation so people aren’t needlessly ripping out their hair all confused about what Funcom is doing :man_shrugging:
But… your argument is not with me… so I’m out.
Untracking this thread before more people show up and we have to start going around in circles again… Please don’t tag me again, ty!

You guys have fun!

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My apologies for misinterpreting you. It’s getting hard to keep track of who is trying to say what in this thread, especially with the goalposts in this thread moving all the time.

Scrolling back up to where you presented your initial claim, it’s quite clear that it was in the context of the rules, not game design itself, so you’re completely right.

My disagreement is with people like @Taemien who make claims about the game design, content, and performance, rather than the rules.