Funcom make up ur mind, stop giving us new structures if you will wipe us

Aww come on now… that’s just you again pushing your own agenda and narrative clinging on to things…
Poor PvP community… they’re so misunderstood, they can’t even give feedback… (let’s ignore all the nerf this / nerf that threads)…
It sounds silly even saying this…

Here’s the jest of it though, their (Funcoms) actions are fairly in line with that description you quoted, so it’s a pretty accurate one.
If official servers would be the be all and end all, they could simply put in prefab buildings that most other survival games have… you place a blueprint and you gather the materials to build the prefab thing… problem solved… all the rules could be directly incorporated and hardcoded for official servers :man_shrugging:

On top of it, if this is how they decided to do them and they’re happy with it, then comparing it to what other games do with their servers it a bit futile imo. Though I’m not saying it shouldn’t be done, but there’s also the “Neighbours lawn is always greener” syndrome :slight_smile: I’m sure those games have their own share of complainers and issues.

This very thread is an evidence of sorts… read the title… people are confused because they ASSUME that official servers are the target audience so they question why they have so many placeables if they’re not allowed to spam them…

Idk… so far every indication I have seen points to the fact that this is how Funcom wants to manage their servers and they DO want them to be “public transportation overcrammed buses” and they’re happy with that regardless of whether the players on those servers are or aren’t, since they bought the game license itself and they’re free to use that on any other server if they don’t like the ones they have.

This is something I don’t get though… if you stopped playing and moved on from this game… why bother? :man_shrugging: I’m not saying you can’t ofc, I’m just curious about the motivation on a personal note, since I’ve seen others doing similar things


I’m not interested in arguing. I’ve stated my opinion based on the on going trend for a long time now.

I’ve met a lot of good friends playing this game. More so than any other so I suppose that and I’ve had a good amount of fun, satisfying times on this game🤷🏾. Like anything somewhat addictive it takes time to let it go but don’t you worry that time is coming. You will be able to continue shutting other peoples concerns down by your canned responses soon. Hardly anyone will question it at some point.
I do feel like when people play on boosted/modded servers so much they start to get a little jaded towards the way the base game is actually played. Maybe it’s the pay to play mentality idk could be nothing. Enjoy

Allowed to spam? When and where I said I wanted to spam them?

Humans (most of us) wants to be acknowledged, more over those who consider themselves as artists… in the end, building is also a form of art.

There is nothing funny about building in confined spaces where Noone will get to appreciate what you do.

And since art is subjective and this might sound a little egoist, I don’t expect people to understand tbh…

I think he keeps coming back, because he feels like he lost something valuable, because of the (not so) current conditions on the management area, he probably misses the game.

Idk… That’s my take, I could be wrong.

I know I get a feeling of emptyness when a gem like this isn’t even understood by their very own makers.

There is no other game like Conan, and it has nothing to do with pvp… I think there’s beauty in the world they created and the possibilities it offers.

Serious question: I see on the list of community type, when on the lists of servers, that there is an option for role playing.

Are these the very same rules that apply to such servers? Because if that’s the case, I’d say funcom is not just slacking on this, but plain and bluntly they suck in every aspect of community management.

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Just wait until you see that base near my ship base on siptah, on the southern island in the middle. They have like 3 or 4 towers that don’t even fully load (because their height exceeds render distance) and lots of ugly decorative spam builds spanning a large swath of land. I thought my old port town that got wiped last summer was big. :roll_eyes: I mentioned my experience of getting wiped and banned to the guy and he just shrugged it off and called Funcom cowards for doing that… and that he had no intention of stopping or slowing down anything. He also actually thought he was “out of the way enough that no one will notice.” I told him it’s probably just a matter of time. He’s clearly noticeable and in a high traffic area. It’s only a matter of time until someone says something to Funcom.

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What do you mean?.. Your entire thread is a rant about how you want to use all those placeables from the bazaar but are afraid of the rules and getting banned pretty much…

You’re implying at every step of the way that you are ignorant of the concept of SHARING and want to use official servers are your personal art gallery… which they are NOT meant to be. And this… is that I CAN quote from Funcom, it’s literally in the ToC

That’s pretty black and white there… while it’s exaggerated to get the message across properly, the part that you’re NOT allowed to landclaim beyond grabbing A spot for your base… is pretty black and white… so decorative boats and bridges are a definite rulebreakers…

You also imply at several points that you think you somehow have more rights than a new player because you’ve been playing for longer :man_shrugging:

Funcom is against both of these ideas so:

  • Using official servers are your own art gallery - they clearly said if you wanna do that stuff, go single player or get your own server
  • Thinking that you have more rights or should have more say in stuff on those servers than any other player whether they’re just new and there to try the game or been there for ages.

So clearly you and Funcom don’t agree how their servers should be ran… however because it’s their server, their rules apply… :man_shrugging:

So here are some of your quotes:

So overall my conclusion is that while your initial thread HAS some merit and I wholeheartedly agreed with supplying clear reasons for suspensions, maybe even some early warning system.

I think you’re under the false impression that this is somehow a democracy when it comes to how Funcom manages their servers… and I know it’s hard to process this, but your money also does not matter there… does not matter what you bought and what you didn’t… on official servers everyone is equal and everyone must share, whether it’s someone who played since early access and has all DLCs and a fully bought out bazaar… or a new player with a free weekend trial key who didn’t even buy the game.


You finally showdd ur true colors… Seems like you got their speech learned by the book… Wonder why it took you so long.

On a final note: I wasn’t at any point in time saying that I want the game the way I want it… If anything, I was asking for clear rules to proceed with the game, even if I disliked the rules.

But you are defending funcom as if u were getting something out of it even when u have accepted that the issues at hand are real.

Peace out… I have no interest in a further exchange… Admins can close this post now.

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Hi my names funcom! I created a game called Conan Exiles with a great building system. I’ve also provided you with our own official servers to enjoy and experience the game on! But don’t enjoy it too much otherwise we might have to shift delete your base and hit you with a ban :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:


What are you talking about again?..
There’s nothing to defend… They made some servers available for free public usage… you don’t like the rules… so you’re here complaining…
If anything, the people reading this might get the impression that you are the one who “showed your true colors” because you came here with seemingly “noble” intentions of wanting somewhat more clear rules and proper reasons supplied to banned people etc. which are all nice and I and a lot of others agreed with that… but then you drop hint after hint of how you really don’t care of any of that, you just want to make your “art” and new players are not customers so who cares if they don’t have a spot to build because they obviously don’t matter.

I gave you the most objective replies you could hope for after the attitude you presented, even acknowledged the parts of your requests that have merit…

It’s not my fault you refuse to accept anything other than what you came here with because you don’t like hearing that it’s not the way you imagined it…


‘But don’t selfishly think your fun is more important than others playing otherwise we might have to shift delete your base and hit you with a ban’

There fixed it for you. There are some that get caught up in this and deleted IMHO unjustly but instead of attacking the enforcement, I think attacking why the enforcement is necessary is getting to the root cause. If you can’t comprehend playing in a public server with others in mind, don’t log into officials. That way enforcement can actually work with the players that are in sync with making the game a better place for all vs adversarial.


After all this time you still don’t get it

No, he gets it. You’re just talking about something else.

Yeah, the enforcement of the rules sucks. There are no explanations given, for one thing. Also, there have been several documented instances of admin action that no one can quite explain (which is why explanations would be welcome). And yeah, the admins don’t always seem to be as thorough in their investigations when there are few reports as when there are many.

On top of that, when the backlog gets too big, tickets start getting auto-closed which leads to more frustration. Not to mention that the perceived priorities seem to be skewed, because reports of hacking can go without response and a report of land claim abuse can get acted on swiftly.

That’s what you’re talking about. And those are all valid points.

What people like @erjoh, @Xevyr, and me are talking about is this trope that people keep pushing about the size of placeables and the official server bans: “Why do you give us big placeables and then ban us for building big?”

To put it bluntly, this is bull. Anyone who asserts they got banned for building big is talking out of their ass, since Funcom never gives out explanations for their admin actions.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind leaving people to believe this, if they didn’t follow up with the request to nerf building: “If you’re going to ban us for building big, then you should implement a building limit.”

No. It won’t solve anything. It won’t solve claim spam. It won’t solve heat traps. It won’t solve building over important spawns. And it especially won’t solve the “I’m an RP builder, gaze at my theme park in wonder” mentality that can quickly cripple the server performance regardless of the actual build size.


Iet me share some experience here.
You start a conversation with an objective! Try to focus on this objective and then you’ll represent the title “feedback”.
Try to keep all your visitors to this objective!
Try to encourage a friendly spirit which leads to conversation.
Try to avoid any form of insults in here because you’ll end up having a ring in here. Having a ring ends up closing posts with numerous useless info that probably nobody from this dev team will ever consider as feedback.
It’s better to have a topic with good opinion and zero replies, than a topic with 1000 useless replies.
Gather up and save your topic because the way i see it “you will close it before you know it”.
Until i read something in here that’s on the original post, farewell!

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What part of the rest of the post do you disagree with?


you are absolutely right, my bad, i will pay more attention to propositive feedback like yours, ty for that!

That being said, i think its important to be clear that DESPITE the fact that i have personal preferences and it is my right to feel w/e i want… it was never my intention to attack the game, the community members or even tried to put my love for building or desires on top of everyone else´s right to enjoy the game properly.

The very spirit of my post got stained by the lack of a real exchange towards a solution, it never stops amazing me how little it takes for humans to accomodate just to avoid feeling uncomfortable.

Yes, i consider my self a builder… yes i enjoy the game as a whole… yes, id love to see the game taking certain direction… but i never said that i wanted the rules laid my way or towards my personal preferences.

For those trying to say we should accomodate and accept things as is… i wont argue with you anymore, thats your right, but i also wont be responding if you have nothing better to say than “dig it up”.

I think this is an open space, and even when its not a democracy, or its not OURS but THEIRS… its the right place to express how we feel about the game, so i would say dig it up cause im not just gonna let go… feel free to stay if you wish.

Back to business…

  1. The game aint perfect, but we love it.

  2. There is an idea on what to avoid, but its subject to personal criteria from the admins who are also human.

  3. The wiping rampage HAS to stop… I dont see why is it correct to wipe an entire clan to the point where they even loose their thralls… even more, suspensions are applied to the accounts, not even on the server where the players got reported at…this, by all means, only drives people away from the game, i fail to see how this is a good rule or a measure to improve… on the contrary.

  4. Again, its advisable to give a reason when suspending, even say “overbuilding” so people know.

  5. Im all for erradicating spam in every possible way, and im fully aware of those doing land claiming, im not here to support them.

  6. If funcom has a variety of options for the different type of players such as purists, relaxed, hardcore, ROLEPLAYING and experimental, these set of rules is far from being perfect… and for those thinking “its too difficult” i would say its better to do something and fail than doing nothing… we learn from failures.

  7. Even if the rules stay the same, or they are polished, im pretty sure that change is good… you cant expect improvements if you do things the same way… we might end up worse than we are now, but thats the beauty of owning the game, there is no script or rule that you guys cant change…

My only wish is for the game and the overall experience to shine and give us a space so we all feel backed up and listened to.

Thats all… (for now)


I believe that building community, role play from pve to pvp has the right to have special official servers just for this reason! Their builds after all will be advertising for this game! Neither we all agree or disagree, this games strongest card is the building aspect and that’s a fact!

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Honestly, what you’ve said so far is all over the place, so I don’t think anyone can be blamed for not knowing exactly what you actually want or, for that matter, inferring that you want a change in the rules to suit your own preferences.

Because all buildings, all placeables, and all followers belong to the clan and there’s no way to know what belongs to which player. Whip out a repair hammer and go look at any building you want, and you’ll see the name of the clan that owns it. The only exceptions are players without a clan, but we’re talking about “wiping an entire clan” anyway, so that exception doesn’t matter.

And before you or anyone else comes back with “they should just make the game show which players owns which piece”, think about it a bit. Let’s say I place the foundations, my clanmate places the walls and the roof, and then another clanmate replaces a few of the walls with windows. Who owns the building?

The correct answer is “who cares, the clan owns it”. And if that building broke the rules, the clan broke the rules.

Now this we could argue is a matter of implementation that can be improved. Suspensions and bans rely on the server blacklist, which is read by the server at startup. The way it works right now is by having one blacklist of players and distributing that same blacklist to all official servers.

You could argue that they should keep a database of suspended and banned players, generate blacklists from that database, and deploy those blacklists as necessary.

You could argue that, but good luck convincing them to invest that much into this whole process. Official servers are provided for free, which is why Funcom avoids raising the costs of that free service.

Yes! They don’t even have to build anything new. All the pieces are already in place, they should just start doing it.

You’re referring to the “community” filter in the server browser. If you take a closer look, you’ll notice that official servers don’t have that. It exists to help people find a private server they like. Anyone hosting a private server can configure which community they cater to, in order to make it easier for people to find them, but that’s it.

So no, Funcom doesn’t care what kind of player you are when you play on their official servers. They set the same rules for anyone, and anyone whose playstyle clashes with those rules is not welcome on official servers.

Sure, but it’s still not clear what you actually want to change about the rules. The things you’ve said so far boil down to:

  • make the rules clearer
  • stop wiping whole clans
  • make suspensions apply only to specific servers
  • don’t add “big” placeables to the game
  • implement a building limit

Of those, only “make the rules clearer” applies to the rules themselves. The next two are about the enforcement of those rules, and the last two are misguided requests for changes that would cripple the builder community without actually solving any problems. :man_shrugging:


hi … i think i didnt express my self correctly… my approach was, why wiping all the belongings of a clan without mediation… as said, its not just a base, but every single thing they own since the suspensions go beyond the decay timer… and before you tell me that they deserve it… just about anyone can take a few step over the line and be pointed at because of it… false positives are out there too…

i do agree that discipline and structure are a must, but step on the shoes of those who got completely wiped accross the board because of a single report.

(i ready what you typed before, i just decided to go straight to this line)… i wouldnt mind paying for a good service… i mean… ive been paying blizzard for over 22 years

i just did … ty for pointing my nose

well, ttbt, i´d rather knowing whats the actual limit than depending on pure luck… and again… its not that i actually build big, but the bannings are killing the servers believe it or not… as of now… my server is empty… 4 clans got wiped over the reports of a guy who “visits” the server once a week.

Seems like all he does is go around reporting… and im being serious… 4 elder clans are gone for good… same goes for my second sever… big old clans got wiped and they are not coming back… so whats left?.. visitors… people who dont even play the game seriously and live in a shoebox…

Everybody has the right to enjoy the game but, an admin should be savy enough to evaluate whats in front of him, not just be a happy trigger.

Should not be trigger happy**

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If by “mediation” you mean that they should issue a warning before taking action, then yeah, that would be great.

Yeah, in theory, I wouldn’t mind having some “premium” subscription-based servers with good administration. In theory.

In practice, I don’t have faith that Funcom would actually provide a service level worth the money they would charge. My faith in them has eroded over the years, especially the last 6 months or so.

There is no “actual limit”. It’s not about the number of building pieces and it never was.