Funcom, my wife is pissed



So, my wife loves, and i mean LOVES, building cities.She builds HUGE cities… And every time (7 or 8 cities lost now) a city is lost, she is seriously angry for days.

It all started with ARK splitscreen. We would run around on a private server, exploring the game and panicking every time a new creature wanted to eat us. Then she discovered the building and she would play for days alone, building settlements in the treetops and googling cheatcodes for spawning the items she wanted. Then comes conan exiles. The building in conan exiles is SO much easier than ARK. It snaps and turns the right way and the creative mode in singleplayer was exactly what she wanted! First game she played she build huge houses and she would sit for hours just building. Then her savegame would get corrupted, all progress lost. We would say that the game is still new and Funcom, the pride of Norway, would fix it soon. Last save was nothing other than insane… She had built a full city, a bit over 30 buildings facilitating every need of a city, with hotels, bars, bathhouses, church, houses for everyone we know in real life and so on. Everything connected with roads and every house decorated with carpets, pots and pans. I doubt i exaggerate if i say that last save was 100 hours alone… Since she already lost 7 or 8 save files already, we started a youtube channel and i told her how to make a video on youtube so in case the city was lost again she would have some memory of it if she uploaded it on youtube. Being of a very technical nature, the walkthrough video she did of her city ended up as a 5 second video of her standing still unfortunately. The next day she tried to log in, the save was corrupted and all her progress was lost.

FunCom… What the hel…We are closing up on half a year since launch date… You even launched DLC, wich we bought for some 14 USD, and STILL we can’t trust our savegames to not explode?! It’s pretty bad to keep taking our money for something that fundamentally does not work! I remember a time, playing Anarchy Online, when i was so proud being from the same country as the amazing company that made the game i played. But now, and to be honest every game after “Den lengste reisen” and Anarchy has been utter thing I REALLY got my hopes up with Conan Exiles, but it’s the same thing You give zero lucks about your players and start pushing out DLC when we can’t even keep our save files! Every update me and my wife scours the update notes to look for “Fixed an issue where savefiles would get corrupted” but NOTHING! Not even a comment on the forums. Are your programmers unable to find the error? Or are you doing it deliberately just to punch singleplayers
I don’t know if you are married, but a woman who just lost 100 hours of playtime is not a walk in the park…

Funcom, fix the ■■■■■■■■ game before you sell any more DLC you greedy dicks!

PS: Thank you all for the helpful tips and responses. I am sorry that i failed to mention she plays on PS4, so the PC tips and tricks will not help us, tho most likely some of the other players here on Reddit.

PPS: Never thought i would reach anyone from FC, so i feel bad about the name calling. It was a heat-of-the-moment thing.

Update: I have sent the savefile and a screenshot to a funcom employee. Hopefully for all solo players on PS4 they will find the issue and fix it sometime soon :slight_smile:


Perhaps they all have spouses and understand the heat :slight_smile:

Great that you are getting help.

On PS4 is it possible to back up a saved db, because that might be a little assurance that one will not run screaming through the park because walking ain’t happening.

On PC, I have saved my database file in another place just because I known bad things happen when I don’t.


I know this does not directly address your issue, and I don’t disagree with you on any point, but long term PC is far more stable. I think it just boils down to the fact that neither console truly has the hardware capability necessary to run CE long term with no issues. I’m not saying that to piss you off, or to justify FC, it’s just what I’ve observed.

I’ve run a rented server on two difference providers using the same game database since March of 2017, and recently I migrated that same game world to a cheap used server that I picked up off ebay, as well as a new Windows 10 OS to run it. Toolguy is a Funcom engineer who does the dedicated server app and he has provided amazing support. If I subtract what I was paying my game host, I will have paid for the server in 6 months.

What I’m getting at is if she enjoys the game that much, there are other, more stable options to look at.


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