Funcom, No one can log in to your servers unless


No one can log in unless you do direct connect due to the PING issues … and many people do not know how to do this. I see your servers withering on the vine… Such a joke, it’s comical that you let this go so long . Also why is there NO fall damage anymore? yeah great patch… Pathetic… I expected better… disgusted player…

This is a far fetch statement, I can log in and many people can log in, But you claim no one can log in? Please…:man_facepalming:

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I can log in any time a day no problem at all.
False statement/topic

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Its not hard to direct connect…I mean The button is right there at the bottom of the server list, I have that sticky note program for windows and one of the sticky notes has my server IP so I click direct connect then Ctrl C then Ctrl V and I am in, takes no more or no less time then clicking the server,

I agree they should fix the server list so one does not have to direct connect, But to say the servers are withering on a vine because people cant figure out the direct connect seems a bit hyperbolic to me, the people I see on my server seemed to have figured it out, the same ones that were logging in before the update are login in after the update.

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So I have not had an issue since the patch until Today. All of a sudden I can not log into any server due to high ping. This has never happened to me before today with Conan (ping issue). Cant get on to any official nor can I get to my private server due to high ping.

The game keep saying I have no Internet connection.

We long in several times a day, to different servers. Most go right in. No IP needed. I guess it is broked up.

I am having this problem. However this is not the place for this post. It belongs in the bug report forum.

If you provide a screen shot, perhaps those that are not as experienced with the system can realize where it is among all the buttons.

Sure thing


Still same thing, can’t log in due to High ping rate and I tested my ping rate and it’s very low… I can’t even direct connect anymore

Now do you think?

I do not know if this works for official servers, but I know when I first connect to the private server I play on, it will say ?/20 for players, and ??? for ping. When it says that, I do NOT click connect. I wait a bit, it takes about 3-5 seconds and it will show the actual number of players online and the ping. Once it does that, it will connect fine. If I connect before that, it will gum up.

So you all might consider giving that a shot.

The pop up appears before that.
The servers list never load.
You dont understand how the bug works

What pop up?

You are correct because I am not even sure what bug you speak of.

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