Funcom, Oneshot mechanics are not fun, even if it involves buildup or RNG

I hope you know what I am talking about. It is related to Sorcery.

Since they explicitly stated there is no combat magic/sorcery, no, I have no idea the point you are presenting.

Standing on top in your base while raiders attack you also counts as combat.

They can’t reach you and you are free to cast spells.

Explain to me, in detail, how standing on top of my base and casting non combat spells will one shot opponents.

Magic :slight_smile: :rofl:

(a little “hand wavium” can be devastating)

The spells I saw were:

Cast darkness- creates a shrowd of complete darkness within a small area

Create Illusion - a transparent version of your character appears distracting enemy npcs

invisibility - character becomes invisible to enemy npcs unless right up close

Destroy rocks and trees- looks like a fast way of harvesting mats but is limited to a small radius around the caster

Ice bridge- creates a walkable bridge of ice between two platforms

Summon bat- allows a bat demon to pick your character up and fly for the limited amount of time relative to the bats stamina pool before dropping your character once the bat’s stam runs out

Cast illumination- a green ball of light follows your character’s movement lighting up dark areas

Raise undead- creates undead fighters that fight on your behalf for a limited amount of time before the undead rot and decay away

“featherfall” - cast a spell bracing yourself and protecting you from fall damage

Remove evil- removes the visible effects of being corrupted, but still keeps the corruption of the character. this is for those who don’t want to look gross.

Reveal resources- looks like the Assasins Creed/Witcher 3 visions which show resources in varying colors through terrain

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