Funcom: please post when you FIX NVIDIA drivers and tell us what to use!

Hello, i find it disturbing that I cannot find a proper post from Funcom what drivers I should use. I don’t want to see player comments in multiple posts, where every1 is using different driver.

How about you put a sticky post, that explains which driver is stable currently. Now this is a big mess!

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The thing is that there are different drivers are working for different people. For me game is stable after 440+, for others somehow not. And it’s not Funcom problem, it’s drivers problem so not Funcom to fix it.

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this crappy game crashes left and right, so i’d like to know what driver i can use or further i leave the whole game: currently using 436,15
I don’t kill time in buggy places… thank you

Maybe don’t kill time on it then? Going at people guns pointing rarely makes people wanna help you. I’ve been stable since the same update as Jess. But as he said it varies greatly, so hard to make a sticky telling people what works.

The NVIDIA drivers most widely accepted as stable with Secret World Legends at this time are 436.15 and anything at or below 425.31.

While some people experience instability at 436.15, there are more reports of drivers between 425.31 - 436.15 and after 436.15 leading to SWL crashes.

425.31 and anything below is stable for almost all players. If you want certainty and can afford to roll back that far, that is your best bet.


murin - IF you Want help - then READ the suggestions by other players - not like there is a lot of them - just Read the Latest - Sheeeeeeesh - not exactly Time consuming! ALL games Crash at times - Especially After updates From MS etc - TRY a Little Patience!!!


I guess he never leave since he post in trade every hour every day