Funcom please raise the max ping level, it's too low

The max ping level of 140 ping is too low. I can barely play for a minute and then I get disconnected because my ping just so happens to cross the threshold for small moment. My pin usually sits around 95-98 pin, but I do have instances where I get a lag spike which will make my ping go above the threshold. I use WiFi due to where I currently live I can not get a cable box and modem. So the next best thing I can use is WiFi.

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I agree. I said good bye to my brazilian clan. I can no longer play Conan with my friends.

I live in US and with a 200 ping I was unable to play with them.


You shouldn’t be getting booted if you are already in game just because your ping goes above 140. That’s a standard threshold for logging in only. When you log into your game, hit the tilde key, type toggledebugHUD and hit enter. This will give you a server GUI that shows the current ping rate. I have played exclusively using Wifi for years on CE and rarely had issues until recently. Also, some official servers just suck. I imagine they dont get much maintenance or upgrades, other than a daily reset. Try other servers, less populated. Turn your graphics down and see if that helps. Also, go to battlemetrics and look up your server IP and port and use direct connect, it will ignore the 140 ping restriction.

It should be equal to or less than 66ms.

Make sure the latency is low. If the latency is too high, it doesn’t matter on the ping rate or connection rate. Of course, the best tools to fix latency “errors” are platform specific, not part of the game.

I and others have been trying to get them to have several no ping servers so that we can continue to play with our friends around the world.

Not sure why Funcom has not done this already since already available for Exiles. Seems like a no brainer

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