Funcom, please, stop nerfing Sorcery :/

Please, Funcom. Stop nerfing sorcery again and again.
Like… I’m sorry, but playing a sorcerer, we’ve already given up half our health (or more, if recently teleported) AND stamina and are relatively squishy (in relation to non-corrupted players, as far as my limited knowledge goes).

Please, STOP nerfing the spells again and again. The storm spell; like one of the last ones we learn. TIER 3 escalation.

It barely does /shit/ now. Not even to NPCs or animals. I’m not asking for the power to end worlds or anything, but shit, aren’t sorcerers in lore supposed to be something you fear?
I don’t PVP, I’ll admit that, but I can’t even see a reason to use /any of these spells/ in EITHER PVP or PvE situations, least of all the Storm one with how bad the damage potential got screwed.

For all the brewing storm clouds, rumbling and lightning we’re shown, there’s very little oomph to it now.

Our summoned horse gets killed by a stiff breeze and poofs after maybe 2 measly minutes getting off of it; the darkness spell? Can’t really tell a difference even with NPCs whether it does squat.
Magma wall being a ‘defensive spell’ my rump. There are clear, blatant gaps in the “wall” that you can just traipse through with no issue and it hardly keeps you safe.

Look, I’m not asking to be a god or anything. Not asking for ridiculous shit. Just… give us more reason to use the spells or something? Or more spells that can be more practical? IDK, just SOMETHING.
And also: Something that hopefully you won’t just turn around nerf mere weeks after releasing.

–sincerely, a frustrated and underwhelmed sorcerer.

PS. I am , at the least, intrigued by the fact that all the stuff we have right now is just listed under ‘Basic Sorcery’, and I am hesitantly curious about what we could see in further tiers later down the line.

Edit: Also,

IN Before the inevitable ‘lOl gO pLaY wOw tHeN’ reductionist “arguments”.
Also in before ‘Just stop playing lol’ remarks


Advanced sorcery: disable cursewall and leave exiled lands


Lightning Storm was not nerfed. A bug was fixed that allowed its near miss damage (100,000) to happen in the middle of a building. Then it was changed to prefer striking targets that are not the caster and not in the caster’s clan.

It still does the same damage to players, NPCs, and direct hits.

It was reduced


I don’t understand what the incentive is for me to have a character that focuses on Sorcery, if I cannot use Sorcery in dungeons and other areas.

For characters with Sorcerer type builds it seems to me that they will have all negative effects of a being a Sorcerer with none of the positives when in these areas.

That does not seem balanced to me.


Seconding topic post 100%.

I would totally love to be a sorcerer, the whole sorcery update is what brought me back after several years hiatus, and got me investing money in the battle pass. SORCERY. Nothing else.

I want to be a full-blown fully corrupted sorcerer. And I would like that being a sorcerer would actually be useful and exclusive to being corrupted instead of being a side dish for a normal barbarian character.

These nerfs before you even FIX the currently non-functioning spells, let alone the useless ones, are EXTREMELY hard to accept. Can you not do knee-jerk changes before you have fixed what is broken in the first place please?

I want to keep enjoying conan but these last changes feel like several steps in the wrong direction. I hope its not another case of “devs not playing their own game”.


I like you :+1:t6:. (friendly Ofcurce).
I always appreciate raw truth, congratulations!

It doesn’t have to do with this and above all we should never ask the technician if he likes or plays the game! It’s silly to believe that the plumber never use the toilet or the shower :man_shrugging:.

When i saw this post i started laughing so damn hard, like… What took you (not you) so long.
In every single update the nerf cries will overflow the forum…
After the nerf, the rest who enjoyed the update will take place asking why for the nerf…

I really wouldn’t like to be a dev in this game, i don’t know if Funcom social security is covering psychological therapy, or pills at least!!!

I have just one question to the ones that asked the nerf…
Is it ok now?

For me when something changes is an opportunity to do something different in this game, so all good!

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I mostly agree with the original poster.
The storm was too OP at first not because of the health damage but because of the damage it dealt to buildings, so the nerf in that regard was necessary. The fact that it no longer hits the caster is great, but the damage should still be increased from what it is now, considering how hard it is to pull off a cast in an middle of a fight.
Spells being disabled in the dungeons is the most puzzling part for me. Wasn’t sorcery intended to do what barbarians can’t? So what if people can run past most mobs in Vaults? You can do it without any sorcery anyway, since most of the early NPC will de-agro after they run after you far enough. If it’s not how you intend the dungeons to be completed, and wish to force players to fight certain percentage of the NPC, then add some kind of obstacles, puzzles and levers that need to be interacted with, forcing cancellation of the invisibility spell.
I also heard that the Well of Skelos could be shortened with an ice bridge… Well, you know how you do it without sorcery? You run past everything, kill one 1-skull snakeman to open a door, and then keep running past the rest to the final boss. Ice bridge simply turns a 5 minute run into a 2 minute run.
INHO, the instance itself needs a rework, not the sorcery.

Most spells are working fine at the moment. The zombie horde works excellently for base defense, as it can be summoned while you’re inside and the enemies are sieging you. Darkness works well in PvP, as it completely nullifies vision and also dispells the lightning storm.
Don’t restrict or nerf sorcery, Funcom, please ^^ Adapt the rest of the game to it instead


Id say the reason storm was op in its original form was because it targeted a square and hit every cube on that square, vertically. So if you had a tower of foundations 1x1 squares wide, one lightning strike hit all of them. If the lightning had only stopped in the first cube or obstacle to do its damage, it wouldn’t have been nearly as op.

But instead of trying for a way to fix how the game works, they decided to nerf storm to oblivion. The storm was always useless in pve and pvp. It was only useful against constructions against which it was TOO good. Now its just not useful at all, since they didn’t improve it in other areas.

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Not this way! You didn’t need an ice bridge to go fast to the final boss! All you needed is to learn the grounds you are playing really good! It’s silly to ask an ice bridge in the heart of volcano! So it’s good that you cannot do it now. Now @Kilix we are total beasts, we are not the weak and fragile toons we use to be. As a barbarian you can do whatever you imagine and as a sorcerer barbarian as well! People cry for the low stamina they gain when play full sorcerer, bit it’s not truth, you can do anything you wish, all you have to do is go out of your box and try something different!
Do you think that the hammer is my main weapon? No way, war axe is!
Do you think i am a skilled player? No way i am an average player!
Still this happened…

It happened because i took the decision to go out of my box. Really soon i adopted to this weapon and 8 finally managed to do it.
Do you understand why i managed it?
Not because i am special, but because our toons now are truly strong!
Adopt to the new realities as fast as you can, learn your terrain and the game has no boundaries! It’s not skill, it’s experience, nothing else!

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With all due respect stelagel , do admire your enthusiasm.
However, just because you have enough stamina to do a dungeon etc doesnt equate to a fun experience for all
I am with the sorcery feeling lacking crowd on this.
I think most of us could have a good crack at a dungeon using steel weapons and no spells.
Doesnt make it fun for everyone.

The limits on fully corrupted are severe anyway you want cut it, compared to a traditional build.
That said most people could do any dungeon with the armor and hammer alone with a gimped build.
Doing anything else becomes much less fun, and your “support” capabilites are feeling lacking seeing as your locked vs people not locked in and using temp corruption to do the same job.

Not asking for deathrays, or light sabres of one shot, but theres definate room for improvement to make it actually feel more like a valued build in a clan.

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I agree, i never asked less :man_shrugging:.

I hate nerfs, my moto is the one @CodeMage started some time ago, “no more nerfs”!
What i explained above is that we were never, stronger than now, never! Today i was so happy because (i can finally play on ps4 the game properly and i don’t have to invent ways to have fun in it) after 5 surges in the row the last days on 8006 pve i took an edgesmith yesterday. So today i could fix powerful weapons… Before the new update the legion axe could reach 75 damage with master weapon fitting, 75!!! I find out it got nerfed too :pensive:. The outer dark can go 70 which is cool, but 75 was better you know! Of course the idiotic Gladius is 95 30% now, which i believe that this weapon is responsible for many wrongs in this map, but i 'll skip it because like i said i want no more nerfs!
Hopefully the voidforge mace is 67 40% with stun and it’s a damn powerful weapon and really cheap actually!
Until you get an edgesmith the most powerfull weapons in siptah are the grey ones. Yet they consume the hell of stamina! I play a lot with Grey weapons, a lot, so i am used to loose stamina easy and, learn to control my hits to always have a good pool of stamina. @2cents want it or not the new update brought back more dynamic the full encumbrance build in pve…
I am not going back there, i refuse to do so! Full encumbrance is a plague, it makes you believe that you are weak! We are not weak, we are monsters, all we have to do is play with our attributes and forget full encumbrance as a main build… That’s my 2 cents my dear @2cents

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Not entirely sure i got that sorry. Not sure i mentioned encumberance

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No you didn’t, it’s what i observed from the players i see the last 3 months. Almost all the pve players play full encumbrance again and they are damn happy about it :confused:. Can you believe it that a lot of players that play this game years now are afraid to go to the tower of Siptah alone (with a Thrall, not alone, alone.) The reason IS the full encumbrance build, no other.

Ps. I don’t disagree with you my friend, i am just sharing with you the mistakes i see that leads to these assumptions, that we are not enough and we need more! Or that we are too much and we need nerf!
We are just what we choose to be, that’s all!

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Fair enough,

my point being the spells are mostly meh, and could do with a considerable favorable tweek.

A few exceptions but even those are easily replaced by other things.

Currently full corruption used by diehards that love the idea and hope for improvements, knowing they are at a considerable disadvantage in most areas.
Maybe not pve full but not my area, although obviously i do pve content. On a pvp server.

Others using certain spells only when required and at no permanent corruption.


To this i agreed with the good morning of this topic :rofl:. I want more spells if possible, but tbh i still didn’t play as much as i should with sorcery because of constant crashing in my console. Tomorrow i have plans to master sorcery for good on my single player (it doesn’t crash now yeee), i want to play full sorcerer with zombie followers etc and do all the fights as a sorcerer if possible, without swinging my axe once. I know it’s expensive and it shouldn’t be that much, to this i believe the pve community must focus more. Then these fckng bags are really heavy…
A lot to trouble my mind, how to fix attributes and how to proceed. I have to prepare my self for a lot of beating i guess, i am going to die a lot :rofl::rofl::rofl:. But there’s no other way, is it?

Thanks a million for chatting my dear friend, i believe in the weekend i will have most of the answers i seek! It’s going to be an interesting run, i can feel it in my bones :wink:.


I always thought it should have been more like the demon fire barrage — powerful but not broken like it had been. As you pointed out, what is the purpose now?


I haven’t played with the spells a lot. As a PVE-C player, just looking at the descriptions leaves me pretty indifferent in general, because I can’t think of a good use case for most of the spells. That’s why I’ve only tried a handful of them. Reading this thread leaves me even more discouraged.

I’m really disappointed that we can’t cast spells inside dungeons. I mean, I get that there are certain spells we shouldn’t be able to cast under certain conditions, like Call of Nergal in enclosed spaces, or maybe Ice Bridge inside the volcano (although I bet that the Ice Bridge works just fine in the non-dungeon volcano). They should have disabled individual spells (or groups of spells) per dungeon, instead of disabling spell-casting altogether.

I still cling on to hope that they’ll either add some useful spells or make the existing ones more useful, or do something else that will make sorcery more engaging.

Don’t get me wrong, there are several things that I love in the current implementation of sorcery. Being able to summon my corpse is the best freaking thing ever, especially for someone like me whose network latency is unstable. Getting killed by a lag spike inside a dungeon – especially a bugged one like Midnight Grove – is finally not a reason to spend a better part of the hour stressed out and cussing up a storm while trying to recover my stuff. I also love being able to summon a disposable temporary mount, and using Mass Cull to avoid spending half an hour on a campaign of systematic deforestation of the Oasis of Nekhet. Plus, the zombies can be useful, and the corrupted attributes can be fun.

But actually playing as a sorcerer, someone who specializes in spell-casting? I haven’t found anything to make me want to do that, at all.

And I’m one of the first people to jump out and say “don’t add pew pew magic to Conan Exiles”, by the way. So don’t get me wrong, I don’t want fireballs, or butt-lasers. But I would dearly love to see some lore-friendly spells that will actually make me go “you know what, I’ll respec into a sorcerer for the next few days”.


Well the one positive thing in the patch notes was that they increased the length of the light spell (wisp) to be more useful and comparable to a torch. So we can hope that they will address other useless spells. Reveal corruption spell for example still does literally nothing afaik.

ps lorewise it doesnt make any sense that we cant climb or cast spells in dungeons. Why would dungeons be different from any other rocks?


Boggles the mind why they would ban sorcery instead of making adjustments to the dungeons instead to limit its power (ie. Sorcery detecting mobs, sorcery dampeners (ice bridge. I for one seen this nerf coming though as climbing was not possible in dungeons)