Funcom prioritys are

funcom announced in there upcoming patches that the stat glitch be patched. bow I totally agree to this although I agree more that there is more urgent matters such as the endless DC, missing body’s and no clan control structure.
is the 50 glitch more important deffo not. yes it screws people over in a immortal battle to there death but least if the other stuff got fixed then they could battle without DC and if they both died could find there own bodies!
I think the terminology of survival is now "survive the dreaded DC, the hunt aspect is hunt your invisible body and the build aspect is build back the random sections that disappeared in your base :roll_eyes:
as for the online aspect I put a request I’n 10x to get some clan structure and roles to allow dead clans to regrow with new players and make new journeys together.


do not agree with you.
Exploit should be 1 priority


Exploits should always be the first things dealt with leaving those will kill a game faster than anything else also I have yet to DC from a server I have had 1-2 bodies disappear but I usually figured someone else looted and took my stuff.

I really wonder about people’s connections because I have played on over 30 different servers now and have not one had a DC unless the entire server went down

Agreed. The exploit doesn’t affect pve players but the disconnects and loss of body/containers affects everyone. I guess pvp gets fixed first though as usual…

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Well the DC and lost bodies also doesn’t affect everyone as well. As I had said I have yet to have this happen and to the 4 clan mates I play with we have had no issues.

The 50 points however does affect PVE and pvp players.
Jus PVP more heavily if you have 50 points in everything it means you can farm all enemies easier than other players meaning you can hoard the spoils also carry more stuff making griefers worse

So it does affect everyone just because it doesn’t ruin your game in particular doesn’t mean it’s not a big deal. Also exploits are a much easier thing to fix most of the time

Could you please describe your connection, so those of us experiencing repeated connection issues can compare our set ups to yours?

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Oh nice for you then really. must be only a handful of ppl not experiencing the crashing thing

This makes me sad. I recall the patch on Friday that was supposed to fix and reset these cheaters. On Thursday before the patch my tribe is wiped be these…creatures and Friday it is supposed to be fixed. So we waited for confirmation to try and rebuild. Now I see this is still going on. SMH. One day their patch notes will do what they say.

Thank you SeeksNDestroys for saving us time and keeping the issue alive.

Unfortunately, funcoms different dept’s have different priorites.

The constant DC’s are becoming quite the PITA, but they may have not found the source of the issues (and there at least 2 different types of DC’s that I have experienced and maybe more). Almost every death I have had that occurred from a DC I have had no problem find my crumpled corpse. The one time I did, I logged off in the area I was in when I died, logged back in and bam it was there.

The exploits they are fixing (soon for consoles… hopefully) were probably easier to fix. So they got fixed first.

However because of mods people are using on PC the last PC patch deleted some placables and thralls. The post stating this is in news and announcements.

So this is what Funcom is up against. Not only are the investigating/fixing bugs on three different platforms, those platforms could be running mods that could break the game when they update the CE code.

So I think they are plugging away, I just hope they are not in over their head. I really enjoy this game and dont want to see it die because they bit off more than they could chew.

I’m trying to be patient and have tailored my game play to accommodate the crashing and other issues… but I really want to be able to travel the exiled lands and not worry about random bugs/DC’s popping up.

I saw a Funcom reply somewhere saying it’s an out of memory issue on Xbox. This is the one most are experiencing. I seem to have narrows it down and my crashes are now just around my main base and wherever I have more than two storage containers (and other players bases also, I guess with multiple storage containers) I rarely crash out in the wild now but it does still happen now and again. Oh yeah, the lag around storage containers is soo bad :sob:

At least you can play. After the last update I have nothing more than a Frisbee with cool Conan artwork on it…

this is a real issue and facts, there is more pvp then pve players. so yes they need to fix the dcs and the connection issues first.everyone ive talked to gets stuck in the homescreen loop. even though there is a fix when you are in combat and get homescreened and cant get your heavy armor because your stuff despawns it is nerve racking and not the properties of a full release game