Nothing but DC issues, bugs, glitches, and sorrow

Game mode: [Online Official]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [America]

I’ve never seen a game make such a huge come back only to screw it up again. I had a 10 man clan and I’m now the only one left, people are sick of no purge, non stop DC’s that not only kill you but glitch your body under the map mesh and you fall through the world losing your gear and inventory. Losing silent legion gear sets plus teliths swords are unforgivable when due to bugs and glitches. The last guy that was still playing quit a few days ago because he dc’d literally 5 times in a row while across the map from base. It’s really sad because this game could be epic but, due to a tiny studio undertaking a project far outside their abilities it’s just an atrocious mess. I bought in early access, thought it was a goner back then but it came back a year later. That was your only chance, nobody is going to wait another year to fix this thing and brother, it needs a fixin bad.

Honestly, I’ve spent the past few days just finishing up my base build so I can finish the game and gawd help me if I lose the stone pieces or the main stone due to dc glitch. So I’m going to attempt to leave the exiled lands and effectively, Conan Exiles in the rear view mirror for the final time.

Such a waste of potential and the next time you funcom jokers get a good idea, hand it off to a competent game developer who specializes in actually making playable titles.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Logging in
  2. Running
  3. Looking at chests or inventories
  4. Just play the game, it reproduces itself at will

I 100% agree with you. What is the point of a gathering/crafting/survival game when you randomly DC and die and especially can’t retrieve your body. You literally can’t gather/craft/survive with this DC bug. I can hardly even level up anymore. I have to spend so much time crafting basic stuff to even start making decent armor and weapons again its crazy. And by the time I do and get back around to doing stuff I’m DCing again and losing everything. Straight up 2 steps forward and 2 step back. I’ve had the game for a week and emailed them. Their response? Don’t use wifi and get better internet. Don’t mind the fact that I run every other game fine. Obviously its me and not them. Unbelievably frustrated.

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Get better WiFi, Darn I have 120Mb Ps dowload speed and it still crashes on servers that I have a 65 ping or less. There is not much better. What is their answer to that?

“We have received a few reports similar to yours, but this is not the experience of our Xbox users on the whole. You may want to troubleshoot some potential connectivity issues on your end. Online play for Conan Exiles requires a robust internet connection. If you are playing on wifi, you should switch to a wired connection. Please also limit other applications and devices that could be using bandwidth while you are playing.”

Soooo they don’t have an answer to that. I have a complaint in with Microsoft they are going to do an investigation on their end and get back to me within 2-3 days. Probably won’t lead to anything but I’m just gonna keep fighting. I mean I’ve had it for a week and the bulk of my time is spend DCing, not being able to loot my body, and trying to farm basic stuff all over again. The game is really fun when it works properly, but I’m not gonna pay 50 bucks for a game I’ve had a week that I literally cant play. I don’t even level up any more because I can’t really further my base or my items. I get bear hide, disconnect. Cant get my body. Refarm basic armor and items. Try to work on getting brimstone. Farm some. Same thing. DC. No body.

I feel your pain, I have had this game for a year. Played the preview. Every time I get over Level 30, I can’t stay on long enough to move ten feet. I have a wired connection with awesome speed. Still get DCed soooo much it has made it unplayable. Now with the POI nerf it sucks even more that I can’t get passed level 32.

I hear you, I run wired 120m connection.

@JustWave it’s definitely not your connection. As stated there were 10 of us on an official server pinging around 70-73 or at worst 230+ lol. We all had identical issues except 2 guys kept getting character randomly reset between level 35-42, happened to one guy twice and the other guy 4 times. I didn’t even state anything about server lag and ping, desyncing sounds and animations, enemies glitching out and being unkillable not taking damage (not under tents or structures either) or items disappearing from inventory or chests inventories, ect ect ect. Unfortunately I’d say get with Xbox and refund it if you can, it’s unplayable and Xbox regards that as a valid reason for refunds. It sucks but it’s obvious these clowns will never get this game working properly and a game that’s working only 75-80% is broken.

i dont give funcom more mony! i’m pay for a full sersion game! and dis game has so many bugs…
oh a DLC, more bugs and problem, no one will pay for it.
shows me first the full version for which I have paid!

Well I’m done with this travesty and broken shell of a game. I thought funcom had turned this title around but apparently it was all shiny beads and fluff talk from the devs only doing enough polishing to make it appear as though the game had made a turnaround. Way to induce full price purchases, my only saving grace is that I paid the early access price.

Had I paid 60$ for this game given the amount of frustration, time wasted, and the feeling of powerlessness you’ve caused myself and a plethora of personal friends & gamers alike that you’ve preyed upon, I would have personally started a campaign to end funcom and garnered the support of the gamers you’ve completely screwed over and, I’m talking class action boys & girls. People are getting quite fed up with these lies and underhanded tactics you filthy studios use to entice gamers into buying basically a game in alpha state. Your days are numbered, legislation is being drafted (at least in the U.S.) to make the gaming industry as a whole (as in every publisher, studio, & developer) responsible for their poor products and predatory behaviorisms towards customers in terms of bait & switch methodologies used to sell games.

Funcom will never, ever, get another penny from me and that includes any and all projects that you guys even look at, let alone touch or work on.