Funcom services

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: =NONE=
Server Type: =NONE=
Map: =NONE=
Server Name: =NONE=
Mods: =NONE=

Bug Description:

funcom services like i’m waiting 3 minutes to get connect and after when it’s showing the error i try agin and agin i can’t even turn on singleplayer bc this game NEED to get a funcom services AND after this showing me a steam have a problem and that there is some dlc issues when i don’t have even one

Bug Reproduction:

nothing i just turn on this game and try to play

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Same here , have not been, able to play since Friday , posted a ticket but they offered no solution and closed it.

Hello Everyone,

Can you try verifying the integrity of the Steam files?
You can do this by accessing Steam - Right Click on Conan Exiles - Properties - Local Files.

i make it twenty times and downloading the game agin it’s still not help

i sending a photo how it look like

This is a game I love dearly. But I’ve been almost giving up on it lately after so many consecutive grave blunders. Some things did improve and the new content is great but… at what PRICE?

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