Funcom, why do you never ever fix Hyperborean Armor set?

The Epic version of Hyperborean Armor set has Cold Insulation instead of Heat Insulation they should have.

I know this is a minor bug compared to bunch of other bugs, but still I am very surprised this hasn’t been fixed since it was reported like half year ago.

And also, the Reptilian Armor set has Cold Insulation. This one was also Heat insulated armor, but for some reason, it has been Cold insulated for long.


Yeah, we need to continue to ask them to fix these. It’s very inconsistent. Until then there is no heavy heat strength set. :confused:

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Yep, as a supporter, I really want to say “Great job” or “Thank you for making awesome game” to Funcom.

But, they just want me to say something negative again.

Being creative is a skill for making a game, but plz don’t be creative at making new bugs :smile:

Every time I see new patch in Conan Exiles since February 2017, there’s always new bugs coming as well that interrupt players’ game play. And this has been very consistent for more than a year. And more importantly, the ‘Unfinished’ features are around in the game.

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