Funcom, why is this still a thing? (on testlive)

The kingslayer polearm HAS extended reach. The video demonstrates it:

You can compare it with any pike.

Will be the transmog option #1.


Would been 1 thing if transmog only changed the looking, but when it change the range aswell it’s gonna be for sure #1 option in the transmog :smiley:

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It does. The kingslayer was in fact a transmogged dragonbone spear in the video.

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I know, problem is just that it will be just one more thing to do, putting weapons 1 by 1 in transmog to gonna be pain in the long run :rofl: but yea hope they may fix it

does the transmog affect the hitbox of the original?
if that is so, thats a shame i would used morlun on every pike. rip.

Yep saw that yesterday

I called it, hell or high water… the player base will never give up spears lol.

3.0 Meta: everybody playing hockey. =D


Ofc not, why should we? Best weapon to use and most fun to use.

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Kinda looking like it yea xD

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