Funny Pet Names



My Kitten is so so cuddly too!! love love love :heart_eyes:

See us playing at the beach, all fun and giggles!

Fetch, Greater Poekie!


Completely off topic but…it looks like words are written on that wall behind your character and kitty.
Does anyone other see this? Or have I been working too long this day.


I had a Hyena before the Halloween event made my save unplayable, I called him Chuckles, for obvious reasons.


Free Miners , est. 02 2017

Chipper Haze
Little Vex
The Arizer


Is this part of the Conan lore?

My first panther is named Chaos Shadow after my cat…who behaved as if he were a panther.


It is in a way yes lol.

My first steps and communication on a official server, i was forced to - or join a clan an grind for them, or be killed every second.

I did not and fought m till they left.
so [FM] Free_Miners was a thing from that moment on lol.

Kinda personal lore.

Chipper haze his cat is called chipper lol and our cats here are wild and everyone calls every cat Poekie around here. Poekie is Dutch for like “here kitty kitty”

I ilke the personal stories behind the pets btw. This is a nice topic to read.

I would urge peepz to post screenshots etc its so easy to upload m on this (technical excellent) forum.

Press the imagebutton above, and point out a picture on your pc and…


My 3 new Rocknoses, Onyx, Obsidian and Cobalt.


Just wanted to mention that I love this thread :smiley:


Any chance consoles can name their pets too?


Catzilla! HAHA!


how did you change the name, it looks like you are on PS4


I wasn’t able to, but I just call them that anyway, going from left to right, going to be hard to remember which is which when they move.


My ostrich is Cuddles. And my greater wolf is called “Mr Fluffertins”


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