Fur drop rate lowered?

Not sure if this should be in Suggestions & Feedback or what, but could the fur drop rates be upped again? Don’t know if its just me, but i feel like the rate is too low now… Seems like you get almost no fur at all these days, which sorta makes the armors requiring fur quite annoying to craft :slight_smile:
Hope this is in the right spot ^^
Also, i love the game… Its absolutely amazing ^^

What are you hunting? You get more then enough fur from elk and boar. Elks especially since they take one combo to kill and drop more fur than hide. Takes around 2-3 minutes to get enough fun to outfit yourself.

Drop rates across the board have been lowered and, frankly, they should stay that way. Things should take a decent amount of time to farm up and build. The game was FAR too easy before they lowered drop rates and the only part that felt like any sort of “Survival” game was the first 15 minutes.

Been murdering boars… they’ve seemed to drop more for me so far at least… Though just checked, and you’re right :slight_smile: thx for the answer mate, ill have to stick with murdering elks for fur

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