Please revamp the skinning system

Currently the skinningsystem is appaling and aggravating at best, killing 10-20 animals
for a single piece of leather, completely random drop with low chance.
But when we’re mining or picking cotton, we get a unit every single time, why this differense ?.

Make leather drop on every kill, or at least greatly increase the chance of leather dropping
when we kill an animal. It make ZERO sense that we kill a big oxe and not even a sliver of leather.


You are supposed to find areas with the highest drop rates and sell leather for good money. Leave the system as it is.

Yep, I definitely agree. Maybe certain, skin-abled, mobs could become node which we can harvest like the other nodes?

I would love to see the crafting and harvesting system updated, but skinning definitely needs some love. Those quests take much, much longer than the others…

I hate to break it to you but a change to that system is never coming.
Crafting, especially farming is one of the most boring things in the game, even more so for leather and pretty much any change to it would make it better - but the crafting revamp was canceled 7 years ago, so nothing is going to happen, not even the slightest change.

Check the trader. Once you are able to do Onslaught you will make gold quite easy so you can buy it in batches of 100.
The farming process of stuff like Leather or Ironsilk is something that Demos/ToSes etc. do alot because of their capability to pull multiple mobs together and AoE them down in a few seconds or so. They do it quite frequently by grinding Yak or mobs that drop Silk and it’s not very fast as a Melee.

For your armosmithing tradeskill i don’t know if others already told you in-game it’s worth it if you have the recipes for some good rare blue stuff. They will sell from time to time. But the recipes are extremely rare for sets like the Acheronian Keeper or other Culture type armor maybe the Warmaster set and alot of stuff that has been forgotten it even exists.

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Yeah, I hear ya…

But it ain’t a crime to hope and dream, neh?

Definitely not, sadly though I pretty much lost all hopes and dreams when it comes to this game because Funcom knows how to shatter both hope and dreams brutally without mercy :smile:

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I share your frustration. Is there an MMO that is PERFECT? Is there an MMO that doesn’t have room for some tweaks that could make it so much better?

I am starting to think that the frustration is part of their entertainment value…