Future content when? Link provided

So it has been almost a month since that post and no sort of details or whatever. Soooooooooooooooooooooo, when now guys?

Be patient, this kind of nagging is annoying for Devs


it already happened. old athens grid was attacked by aliens, and some afks died. sorry you missed the exciting new content, better luck next year!

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FC/ARK has, I think, started the beginnings of a new storyline. I don’t expect any major changes like an expansion (or even booster), but there should be some actual content in the form of items and raids.

Nothing has been promised, but “things are happening”, and FC’s creations from the Anniversary and Holiday events is promising.

Another sign of life, the AO launcher says a Discord channel is now available. Does nothing for me since I don’t & wont use it but the fact that it’s new in the launcher says “Still Alive”. Of course we want something more energetic, like a full expansion or maybe better character heads at least.

Any update ?

Anarchy online is currently in a pretty annoying state too. so if the devs are annoyed by people wanting to know whats coming up, get the fluck over it. :smiley:

Still waiting…

You know, spawn camping this topic is counter-productive, like watching a pot, but I can’t help myself.

It is always fun to rub salt in the wounds of those who state empty promises and fail to follow through.

It’s not an empty promise. It will come

It is also always fun to watch people who insist that things won’t happen right up until they do.

Of course, gamers have the attention span of gophers. Anything more than a month away or passed may as well not exist.

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Sooooooooooon… very soooooooooon.


Without a ™? :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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Could we have some clarification on wether this is related to the announced “2019 server” or if there is actual content for existing servers being worked on?

Pretty certain they’re one in the same

yes, this the new content.


Thanks for reply!

I’ll be there too.

Funcom also announced a new Open World Multiplayer game based on Frank Herbert’s Dune. Great book, mmo…maybe but if it’s just another survival thing probably not.

I’m actually really excited by this, and would resub for it, if it’s done well.

Hint: cash shop isn’t classic. Maybe you don’t need a cash shop, ever, on a sub-only server…

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