What to expect in the near future? And what is being done for this?

I would like to hear some information from the developers about the following updates. In this forum, I just read the players’ complaints, over the past month the developers have deprived us of all the events and even the news. I play pve - on the server, lately there is really nothing to do, and the game is not as attractive as it used to be.

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Two things are certain:

  1. They keep working on bug/performance/core fixing, getting rid of lag, getting all features working as intended, making the servers/game as stable as possible, improving hitboxes and movement for combat, improving/adding missing animations (eating&drinking consumables, turning head while looking sides, looking at the map when pressing “Map”) (this seems minor but details makes the difference in polishment to look like an AAA game). Keep adding dlc’s for $$ income, release paid expansions to enrich the game with content after everything is working nice.

  2. They turn colder and colder with the game, less and less frequent patches, less communication with the community leaving in it in the dark, and the game becomes less and less played til they shutdown official servers and only privates will exist for those who truly love to play it and would continue do to so for a said time.

I sincerely hope FC don’t go the greedy way straight to the 2nd option even with new projects happening in the office, because this game can offer still so much, and we all can see that wouldn’t be fair for the great idea behind this sandbox gameplay. But, if they already going that route because of whatever reason that even Crom would be angry, “to hell with them”.


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