September updates

Dear Devs;
in the last stream you mentioned several updates (not only patches) which will be released in September.

In view of the upcoming updates, we plan to renew the contents of our server. Of course, this also includes the use of mods.
I am aware that you do not want to discuss the contents of these updates with the community until the end of the month, but I would like to ask you at least to mention the topics that these updates will have. There are enough to choose from, such as the Thrall/Pets update including AI-improvement or the siege/pvp update … I myself am concerned in the further edition of our server to planning security. So my request - what topics will include the September updates? :pray:


“I do wonder how they’re going to deal with flood damage, you know if the river rises up,” Jens Erik said, lifting his hands like he was holding a very wide, hot pizza.

I leave this here without comment, my friend. :smiley:


Re: the link

That video made me ill. When it was suggested that the next build contest be for PvP, I turned it off. I am beyond frustrated with the favoritism and the PvP focus. If it continues, what the update contains will not interest me.


I missed that part. I’m sorry it’s giving you a visceral reaction like that.

This reminds me so much of the scene from Austin Powers “we’re not so different, me and you” that I’m frankly shocked @WhatMightHaveBeen hasn’t already posted it after my pleadings of late. :smiley:

It’s the love for the game that should bring you back. That PvP is of interest now is a sign of the times; people always seem to want the most extreme experience.

For me, it is that delectable moment where you encounter another solo, or a duo from a clan and you each square off. You can get this elsewhere, but in PvP you know that what you do from that moment forward is irrevocable. I’m simply sharing, because you have been so patient with my kind. Please play on.

I enjoy PvP, just not in this game. I tested those waters and discovered it was a sewer. Bad attitudes, bad language, and bad behavior.

I enjoyed this game before it went live. Managed to find work-arounds for the first few nerfs. But it has become unbearable at this point. I will continue to fight for what I believe in: equal opportunity for Solo/Co-op players. I am not against PvP play style or the mode itself, only what the nerfs and changes made to accommodate that mode does to those playing outside that realm. However, in the end, I play for enjoyment and my game time is very limited; too much focus on PvP means I need a new place to play.

I am currently playing a game that I had played before (it has been remastered) which keeps me grounded and calm while waiting to see where Funcom intends to go with Conan: Exiles. I am not gone yet; but, I have made a point of locating the exit.


Shadoza, while I understand your insatisfaction, I’m yet to see that statement or video that you say exist about this game being firstly developed to not have PvP mode, while I believe 100% that it was designed to be entirely PvP.

I don’t mind existing PvE mode or singleplayer, I really don’t, the most options to attract more players the better, but I don’t think its fair from you to say that you are upset because they’re focusing more on PvP aspect, because while you would prefer to be more PvE, yet a lot of people do like PvP too, what I am saying is, there is TONS of medieval games with only PvE mode, even more being only singleplayer, I can’t count with both hands and both feets how many games there are in those modes, but online PvP games? Decent ones, there are only a few, and Conan Exiles is one (if not the only) sandbox game that offers a satisfactory sense of freedom and action combat.

Can we please have at least a game based on Conan theme being strong in PvP aspect? Does it hurt too much for FC have the choice to make Conan Exiles more focused on PvP when there are plenty of Coop/Single player games out there?


FunCom have, I suspect, learned the hard way not to state exactly what was coming out: players have made their lives hell by listing point by point what is/was/should be/was dreamed of, in releases :slight_smile:
Strategically, there is no way FC can ever cater to all mods, and no guarantee that Modders will even make the changes.

PvP vs PvE? Well, I do PvE and it does seem the game is mainly PvP, but that’s what it was from the beginning those years back. PvE, etc was added afterwards. The fact that FC are releasing DLC, running build competitions, and occasionally doing streams showcasing some mods that are more PvE focused, shows that PvE has not been forgotten. Also, the majority of players are PvP (on private servers) not PvE. Also, Conan Exiles is for the Conan genre. If you read the Conan books you will see that PvE was not Conan’s core focus… :upside_down_face:


The books are more like CvE. Or CwE, maybe. As in, Conan Wrecks Everything.


Can the next contest be gambling on how each thread will somehow become more ‘PvE vs PvP’? Bonus points if you can forecast the poster? :roll_eyes:

I’d love to see an update that included some AI and pet improvements. A crossover update with devs from Wildcard. Then we can benefit from Ark’s superior animal mechanics, and Ark could benefit from Conan’s superior building mechanics. Fix two cancer aspects of otherwise decent games.


You don’t remember that Conan story where he builds big houses and plays Sims decorator and slave dress up for hours on end? :upside_down_face:


…you mean the entirety of his time as King of Aquilonia?


I was joking, but even his time as king was focused on how he missed fighting, didn’t like the royal life, hated administering and running the kingdom/city, and instead spent most of his time avoiding king things. It’s been a while, but I don’t recall the chapter where Conan spent his time making sure his soldiers were matchy matchy and he liked the rug/wall hanging color scheme.

But again, I enjoy the building and cosmetics, I was mostly joking.

Both yes and no. He didn’t dislike being king so much as he disliked certain aspects of it - politics most of all. But I do seem to remember he cared about running his kingdom well and providing for “his” people.

If Conan were ever interested in whether the rug matched the drapes, as the saying goes, it was not in a home decor meaning of the phrase.


Hey, King Conan had decorated his bedroom. He had an axe hanging on his wall.

(Silly guy took off his armor while sleeping, though. And his inventory wasn’t well organized, so when he realized PvPers were attacking him, he didn’t have time to equip all armor parts. And he hadn’t paid attention to his sword’s durability either, it broke almost as soon as he hit someone. And still he was able to kill several attackers and not die - guy wasn’t a planner, but he knew how to fight 1 vs many. Luckily no-one was using Bestial Claws.)

Oh, and Conan definitely did PvE a lot. Not really into building Barbie doll houses, but he fought a lot of boss monsters.


Oh no… I hope that there will be a patch-note 2 weeks before the patch, which describes that… Dont want to login, to see my base gone after the patch hits…

Oh well, time to move the base up the mountain :smiley:

Please not a simple patch - it is time for a really big update, not only bugfixes and map overhauls or a new dungeon. The last really huge update I remember was the release of the game😇

Hey there,

We can’t yet share more details about this DLC, but it’s going to be the topic of one our next devstreams.

@Jens_Erik was making a joke/comment regarding something related to the building contest. :slight_smile:

I also like this song.


Now I’m glad I built on a hill :stuck_out_tongue:


Well sheeeeit. I built on the salt plains. Probably as flat and low as you can get in the game.

Maybe it’s time to go full Noah and build me an ark… I wonder if the Black Hand takes interns this time of year…

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I don’t know, but the Black Hand are thick as thieves