Roadmap for Spring/Summer 2020?

What’s being planned for the near future?

I know Joel specifically said he didn’t want to talk about things that were too far out, like beyond 6 months, because gamers tend to misunderstand an ‘intention’ with a promise. That being understood, so, what IS being planned for the next 3-6 months? What’s being worked on right now?



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Hoping they are working on Thrall fixes and bug fixes.

Better communicating? Putting changes in the CHANGELOG, so that players dont need 3 months to get an answer, if sth is a bug or not :smiley: :smiley:

I hope they increase the pace of PvP again.

Fights are so slow and boring now.

Anybody know when the next twitch stream is happening? Maybe we will get some info then.

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News? Please?

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Internal discussions are going on right now about options and ways to be more transparent about things coming for the year. So yes, we are indeed looking into ways to communicate our plans to our community better :slight_smile:

As soon as there is detailed info on this, we will let you know!


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