G portal servers if i swap my server to siptah do i keep the save data for the exiled lands?

So wondering if i change to siptah does it save the game info for exiles. If we change back will the old bases and stuff we have load or will they disappear and you have to start new?

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I have not done this myself but I believe you can save your server and go to another map we had one of each. Give Gportal a call just in case they should be able to walk you through. @Krezlar37

@Krezlar37 at the very least you can use the ftp info to back the original server up to your local machine. IIRC from my g-portal it does not keep the old server data if you reset from EL to Siptah maps. the new mode overwrites. use of a ftp tool like FileZilla or something comparable should suffice for backups.

  1. log into your g-portal account
  2. find the ftp information
  3. enter into the ftp app to connect
  4. backup the server to a folder on your local machine
  5. go through the convoluted mess to set up siptah and get it running.

If you ever wish to restore the server, reverse the p process. Or you can copy the server data to your single player saves to continue to play that server solo or co-op, upload to a local server, or another host, etc.

Edit: You can do the KIS process and download the entire server, but that may be overkill as I believe the important components for the world (bases, characters, etc.) are ask contained in the conansandbox directory. the other folders are common server and game files and directories.

Do they let you use FTP on the PS4 or Xbox version?

I’m on PC, and so my comments apply to that platform. i’ve got no idea of the console versions support ftp, or if you can download the server contents to the console.

I kinda figured you were on PC. But the thread was tagged PS4, which is why I didn’t suggest FTP. I don’t believe Xbox and PS4 servers on G-portal have access to that.

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Ah. IC.

my bad for missing the console tag on the thread!

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