Saving and switching between game server backups?

I have rented a small Gportal server for a few friends to play on, but we want to once in a while switch between maps, but we also would like to keep the progress saved for each map so that we don’t have to start all over every time we switch map :slight_smile:
I guess we will have to use a ftp client to download the current game/map and then upload the one we want to continue or am I missing something?

Any help will be greatly appreciated since I am a first timer with private servers, and I really don’t want to mess up the game we currently are playing :slight_smile:

You can try this:

I do recommend backing up your map files. However the different maps do NOT use each other’s files. You can run Siptah or a Custom map alongside Exiled Lands. The names are as follows:

Exiled Lands - game.db
Siptah - DLC_Siptah.db
Savage Wilds - savagewilds_game.db

Other custom maps have names I’m not familiar with.

So when you make the setting change to use a new map, when you launch the server it will create the new map file (if using a custom map that isn’t Exiled Lands or Siptah, you need to launch the server with the mod installed for it to create) and start normally. When you login you will have to make a new character (characters are tied to the map).

However whenever you enable the setting to go back, your characters from before should still be there.

Normally I preface these sorts of replies to switch from G-portal to any other server host. But I hadn’t here because you should be fine with just a few players. But if you start seeing issues even after server restarts (such as rubberbanding, npcs not reacting, server not showing on browser, frequent disconnects), consider another host. If you ever do switch, downloading those files listed above and uploading them to the new host will get you back to where you were. But if you’re not having issues, keep it simple.

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Thanks a lot for the info, much appreciated :slight_smile:

Currently I am not able to test anything since while the server is running, I cannot set it to online, it just reverts back to offline after a few seconds, this has been going on for the past 5 to 6 hours.
I did create a ticket about it, but still haven’t gotten a reply or a solution yet from Gportal support :roll_eyes:

Anyways, we are a few friends playing on Exile lands, and we have talked about switching to Savage Wilds map, but we still want to keep the progress and characters on the Exile Lands map for when we decide to switch back again, so that we can continue from where we left on that map, so that it is why I am interested in making sure that I backup each map the right way.

Here is how I think it would work…

  1. Shut down the server
  2. Copy the “Saved” folder from the server(Exile Lands map) using a ftp client to my hard-drive.
  3. delete the “Saved” folder from the server(Exile Lands map)
  4. Copy a backup of the “Saved” folder from my hard-drive containg a backup file of Savage Wilds map to the server.
  5. Make sure the Savage Wilds mod is set to active and the map is set to the same in the server settings.
  6. Turn on the server again and then set it to online, and hopefully we should be able to continue playing on the map we had made a backup of before deciding to switch.

I may be missing something, if so please tell if I am doing something wrong :slight_smile:

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