Gallamans tomb, crocodile dies quickly

Game mode: Singleplayer, ps4 pro, disc
Problem: bug maybe
Region: usa

Croc boss seems to die much faster than other locations. It’s not game altering but definitely something to for the radar. Perhaps something to look at when you add the dungeon lol.


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Are you talking about the big alligator? IF so it is not the same as the world boss ones, and has always been closer to a mini boss hp wise.


Like Whats said, Its shard holder, not a world boss. =3

About same as a blue eyes.


The same goes for the Reaper queen in the Passage. She dies pretty quick, and NO ONE COMPLAIN ABOUT IT.

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It is true that some minibosses are harder than actual bosses. There is not a specific balance, either 1 skeleton or 3 skeleton heads. Every boss however is boss, that means if you are low level avoid conflict :wink:. For me there are some bosses that you must be prepared to fight them and the others. This game from day one moves on the path of knowledge. Knowledge is not only the scrolls, or the stones that we read on the way, but the environment of every single spot of the map. Again this is not enough, because sometimes even a simple pack of sabers can catch you unprepared, or a dire wolf, especially a dire wolf :joy::joy::joy:. Northland is a very rich land, the loot is great, the purge is 70% human, the landscape is fantastic, no annoying sandstorm, but… You must be prepared to die all the time if you want to survive. From the day one this game wants you to understand that you are not welcome in these lands, this is the idea, survive, build, dominate.

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Reaper use to be tougher… Glad they toned her down, all spider and little objects you could get stuck on… and she was pretty much a health sponge back in day. =/

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