Game-breaking - units will only attack move

I loaded my game at wave 11, ready for a session to beat the last “campaign” map. Now my units will ONLY attack-move (instead of normal move) when I right-click, so I simply cannot micro at all as soon as there is an enemy nearby and my archers tank like retards.

I tried to change the attack-move hotkey but did not help.

I just can’t play the game anymore, this is seriously bad. Please fix this bug !! ;O It was working fine before last patch

i played less, but played after the patch and i dont’ seem to have this problem. you only tried with that save or the problem persist in new missions? btw after the patch i have another problem and no one is answering me :frowning:

Only on that save, I didn’t try a restart. I have a perfect start covering 4/5th of the map after wave 12, infinite ressources, I don’t want to restart it, I just want to finish the campaign at once

the save was created before or after the patch? i ask cause i some other games this can create corruption etc. …sorry if i ask here…but you are the only other user i’m speaking with right now…do you have the deluxe content? because i have a problem with king conan skin.

The game was created before the patch. Sorry I don’t have the deluxe content :confused:

sorry for the unrelated deluxe question.
btw maybe the fact that you started before the patch can be the problem. but idk for sure :frowning:

yes it’s very possible. I’d like this to be fixed via next patch… Restarting is not an option for me. gl with your games :slight_smile: